Friday, March 19, 2010

Another day in the Desert

I think we are becoming worn out with all the RVing.  That couldn't be could it?  I'm running out of ideas to keep us occupied with activities every day.  Not that we would have any great plans if we were back at our permanent place of residence, but with Vegas and all, we seem more spent than usual.

Today we headed to Wickenburg, and drove around the city for a while, but lacked for anything that called our name.  Now don't get me wrong, there are lots of attractions, and cafes and saloons abound, but perhaps we were not seeking them out.

We drove around several times, and even went on a lot of side streets, but never got out of the car.  So we pressed on toward the highway 74 turn off to see what that road will look like with the MH.  It was straight and reasonably wide, so we will use that to get over to I 17 on the way out of here.

I declared that we needed an oil change in the Toyota, and decided that Wal Mart would be the place of choice to acquire the service, so we headed on to Surprise.  Ya like as in Sun City and almost Phoenix.  When we got there it was a mad house as Grand Avenue Hwy 60 is still all torn up.  I see no work being completed on the project since we were there last month.  I think it is stalled out due to lack of funds.  Heck the weather couldn't be nicer so you can't blame it on that.

When we got to Wal Mart, there was a line of cars that reached way out toward the front of the store.  All of them wanted an oil change.  There was only one guy on duty, and he said it would be 2 hours at least.  Uh,  well, we drove in 50 miles for that?

So I drove farther into the City, and the traffic around the 101 with the construction backed us up even farther, but we finally came to the Second Wal Mart in Peoria, and it had no line at all.  So we shopped a bit and ate a Mickey D's and putzed around a bit and they were done!

So we are back here at the SKP park tonight enjoying the sunset and some TV.  Maybe tomorrow will be uhhh, slower yet???  But when we leave we will drive right home, so rest may well be in order.

Retired Rod

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