Sunday, March 21, 2010

Kansas Looses, and were outa here!

What happened to Kansas?  Did they fall to the belief that they couldn't loose?  The University of Northern Iowa is the third school in Iowa.  It used to be called Iowa State Teacher's College.  How can a school so small topple the basketball giant Kansas?

As an Iowan for 59 years of my life, of course I have to be proud of Northern Iowa.  I have only been a Kansan for the last three years, and I have left the state for the winters every year, so perhaps I can't even count three years.  And of course, I am proud when Kansas is so successful, but when they are too arrogant, they earn an embarrassment, so tonight they are searching their souls.  Will they be back in future years?  Without a doubt!

I did not spend the day in front of the TV today.  We went quilt shopping.  Loyce had a flier that told the address of the quilt shop in Wickenburg.  It was way out West on the 60 highway.  That road goes to Quartzsite, and we did not go far enough out of town the other day.  So she got another quilt shop fix, as I sat in the car reading a technical ham radio book.

Once the shopping was complete, we went to a local Mexican restaurant, "Anita's Cocina".  This is a local family owned and operated establishment that is built in the rustic old West style that is all of Wickenburg.  I should have taken some pictures, but didn't have the camera with me.  The sidewalks have the old wooden roofs over them, but the sidewalks are concrete.  In yesteryear they would have been boardwalks.

The restaurant was just as rustic, with some of the tables and counters in rough hewn wood.  The food was authentic and unique.  No chain restaurant here.  The menu selections were predictable, but the plates were the local interpretation of the selections.  The place was full of a motorcycle group that had ridden from a distance to lunch in Wickenbug.  We are about 50 miles away from the big city, so the correct distance for a daily ride.

I came back and watched Kansas in desperation!  Stuffed beyond full, I promptly fell asleep.  Loyce came back from the laundry and brought me back to the world.

So tonight we are sitting here cleaned up and ready to pack up the slides and hoses in the morning to depart the area.  We have been here in the Southwest since the beginning of November.  We almost feel like a local, so it will be a big transition now to go home again.  But we must!!

So bid us farewell, as we travel North to the Cold part of the state, only to turn East to even colder New Mexico.  But I must remember,  Summer Is Coming!!!

Retired Rod

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  1. Better forewarn you we got a comment from Kenny & Angela in KC that they had 3-4 inchs of snow yesterday, It looks like winter is still in effect in your end of the state. Just 200 miles to the east in Dardenne Prairie MO where we live it was in the 40's and cloudy. Hope you make it a slow drive back as it is supposed to get just a little milder after wednesday of next week. Be Safe and have a safe trip Sam & Donna


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