Monday, March 29, 2010

Partied Out!

Seems as though yesterday's partying put me under the weather a bit.  I awakened in the night with a really sore throat, kind of like eating razor blades.  After downing a bunch of aspirin and tylenol, I finally got back to a restless sleep.

I didn't make it up for revellie this morning, more like noon. So the day here has been holding the chair down and reading the computer.  Oh I did manage to drive over to the local car wash and pay the fellow for the drive through clean up.

And I got a Wendy's and went to Lowes for a TV cable tool.  That sumed up the day.  Didn't even watch any basketball, as I don't have any teams left that I remotely follow.  Without some kind of vested interest, I have trouble keeping my self interested.

We did have our second grand kid Ema over during the day, and she and Grandma played around all day long.  They went from school work to dolls and over to McDonalds, and I lost track once I went to the car wash.

Perhaps I'll sleep a little better tonight.....

Retired Rod

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  1. When you're retired, you have to watch that partying stuff!


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