Saturday, March 13, 2010

Back at the RV Resort

Since we have been here we have traveled into Las Vegas every day.  So today was a down day as we decided to hang here at the motor home.  The trailer needs to have the jack installed. So after our breakfast I headed up to the front parking lot where the trailer is stored for the week.

I had hoped that we could bring the trailer to a parking lot by the pool and bath house here next to our lot, but the fellow that checked us in said no.  He is the realtor that sells the lots around here, and he is very concerned about our impression to the customer.  He is the boss.

So I was concerned about attaching the new jack on the front of the trailer, since that could be construed as working on the trailer and that is against the rules.  It only took four big bolts but the nuts are cap nuts that self lock, so every turn of the bolts have to be done with the ratchet.  I parked the car between the trailer and the office so they couldn't see what I was up to.

That worked.  He never came out of the office.  I quickly installed the jack and left like I was working inside looking for something.  Later we went back up and opened the back door and re arranged the inside load.  It had all dumped over when we jumped the railroad track on the way up here last week.  By that time the fellow at the office was gone for lunch.

In the afternoon we headed out on a Wal Mart run, and a trip to Jo-Ann's fabrics for Loyce.  While she was in there, I headed out to Best Buy to look at new toys, but was a good boy and didn't purchase anything.  Still I learned what is new in computers and cameras and TVs.  That is never good as learning is the start of buying.

Retired Rod

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