Monday, March 8, 2010

Havasu in the rain.

It isn't often when we find ourselves in a completely wifi dry hole of a campground.  But today we have found that place.  We are in the Havasu  Falls RV Resort, and they have very poor wifi.  I can see the office over the rows of RVs but my computer will not even report the presence of the wifi.

I can see the antenna out the windshield!!!   So I more than likely haven't read your blogs, or may have to walk up to the office to post this entry.

We have a verizon air card that we use most of the time from these parks.  Many time we don't even try the local wifi, but here in Havasu City, the verizon doesn't reach out this far North of town.  I will keep up publishing this until it finally posts.

We left Yuma this morning in a drenching downpour.  I had to dig out the poncho to roll up the hoses and hitch up the trailer.  We were on the road at 10 AM, about normal for us.  The rain continued as we drove North.

We headed thru the US Army Proving Grounds.towards Quartzsite.  We came across a blimp anchored out in the desert.   Tethered to an anchor tower about a half mile away from the highway, I had no idea what it was, but it is fairly close to a museum, so perhaps it is a display.     We pressed on.

As we left the proving grounds, the washes began to run full, and over the roads.  This wasn't too much of a problem for me in the motorhome, but Loyce following in the car had to be careful and go slow as the water began to be deep in places.  The highway patrol was placing flares on the road over the crests of adjacent hills.  It is amazing to see people hit the water at full highway speeds.  The water really flies, and it can't be good for their cars.

We arrived about 1:30 and began setting up again in the pouring rain. This park is all concrete and heavy gravel  patio areas.  There is no grass or plantings anywhere as this is a parking lot with picnic tables.  No ambiance at all.  But it is completely full, and had the no vacancy sign out when we arrived.  We had a reservation.

It the sun ever comes out, I'll take a picture.  That is if I can post a picture on the Wifi.  We hope to tour some more of the area tomorrow.

Retired Rod


  1. Folks tell me that the blimp is equipped with camera's and such to ensure that no one breaches America's borders without at least being seen.

  2. Hi Rod, we stayed at Havasu Falls a few years ago and the wifi was lousy then too. The only place I could get it to work was in the clubhouse up by the pool. It is a big concrete parking lot, but it is a very clean place so that's the only reason I can think of why it's so popular. It was full when we were there too - go figure!

  3. That blimp you saw is tethered to the ground very near the Museum. It is a border patrol blimp equipped with high resolution cameras. Those blimps are common in all southwest States near the Mexican border. Probably equipped with night vision cameras as well. They can spot anything moving or crawling around on the desert floor for many miles around......even Mr. Crankypants!!

  4. Wonder if that was how they found Mr. Crankypants last year, and drove him out at gunpoint!


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