Friday, March 26, 2010

First day back.

The problem with being at home is that you have all these tasks and duties that are not present when you are on the road.  While completing them is absolutely not optional, it gives you absolutely nothing to blog about.   Many folks just discontinue their blogs when they get home, but I press on in mediocrity.

I have the probably mistaken idea that folks still want to know what we're up to, which today began by unloading a very stuffed car.  Loyce has been stuffing all her packages into the available spaces, until there was barely space in the entire car for her to drive.

Once I had a car to drive, I went out in search of a new storage lot.  The lot that I was using over in Missouri was 12 miles away, and was under power lines.  That wasn't much of a drawback, until the fall when the birds began to roost.  They would line the power wires wing to wing at night as it became cold.  And  they covered the coach with bird doo doo.  Yuck!

I washed and washed and the stains on the dark paint are still there.  So rule number one today was no power lines.  Also I was unaware the number of trips that would be necessary to the rig as we were preparing to leave.  Seemed that I was going over every day, and either trading the truck for the coach and driving it back, or at least packing away more stuff.

I finally decided that I was going broke making the 25 mile round trip twice a day when I brought the coach back here to wash it or change its oil.  The new facility is another storage mart, with all the same features, but is about 4 miles away.  And yes it costs more.  Its in Kansas and everything costs more over here.

So with that decided, it was mundane, as we unloaded the trailer of all the stuff, including Loyce's 10 tubs of fabric and sewing notions.  Oh and of course my motor scooter.  I'm not sure about the fabric, but I really enjoyed having the scooter in Mesa this year, so the trailer was worth it.  Even with the little mishap that resulted in some nasty scrapes on the side of the rig.

I rode the bike around the one mile block here after getting it out of the trailer, but it was still in the 50's and that is too cold for any speed.  Or else I'm just a wimp.

I just spent the evening watching Kansas State in double overtime over Xavier.  Man I'm worn out just watching.  So next they play Butler, who just knocked out another number one seed Syracuse!  It doesn't get a bit easier.  But remember only one team can come home without a loss.

I'm really killed again tonight, but both the MH and the trailer are in their respective storage lots.  Now we will have to get them back over here one at a time to wash up the mess.

Retired Rod


  1. Hello! I have enjoyed reading about your travels, even though I'm a relatively new follower to your blog. I am still enjoying your blog, even though you're back to "normal" life. LOL Glad you're not suspending it for the next few months!! :)

  2. Hey Rod, your first day back blog was pretty good! I'm already beginning to dread that thought - I'll really have to think of something to do so I can write about it.

  3. Welcome Jessica, we enjoy hearing from our readers, especially if you have a comment or an opinion that needles the author. I'm way too sure that I am the only person on the earth some times and need to be reminded of diversity, LOL


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