Monday, March 1, 2010

The Park Clears Out and a little Hockey Game.

This Santee campground is a lot like a good Core of Engineers camp ground.  But with a California price tag.  And of course it is in the never ending city here in Southern California.  Somewhere to the East the city gives way to the desert, and to the North, the city runs out around Ventura.

To that regard, it felt just like we were in a COE park back in Kansas this morning, as all the spots began to pack up for the noon check out.  There are a good showing of full timers and snow bird full timers here, but over half or our area were weekenders. 

I was out making some quick friends mid morning, and we discussed all things RV ing, but right at noon, they all went home.  They must really strictly enforce check out time here because by 12:15 no one was left from the weekend crowd.

Now that didn't matter as we were inside with our nose glued to the hockey game, which turned out to make all my Canadian friends and readers quite happy except Al over there in Borrego Springs.  As a true cursmudgeon, he refused to watch..........

Just remember as you celebrate, that the US beat you the week before, so please don't crow really loudly.  As we are stung a bit, but proud of our neighbors to the North, and the NHL, since every player is a member.  In a way it was like an Allstar game.

And that led into watching the closing celebration, as we have both the East coast and West coast satellite feeds, and could watch the early version.  We came up for air and went to Pizza Hut, but they had the TV on it there as well.

So another super bowl type of day when nothing constructive was accomplished.....

Maybe tomorrow will find us back to normal again.  One could hope.

Retired Rod


  1. How can you say nothing was accomplished the Gold Medal came home. Yes an exciting game and a worthy opponent, and it was so much sweeter to win it that way, but after all it is "OUR GAME!"

  2. It was an exciting game Rod, and but for a bounce of the puck here and there, it could have gone either way for sure. It was a nerve-wracking day here and I'm kind of glad it's all over now and we can go back to our 'regular scheduled life' for a while.

  3. JB I said nothing was accomplished around here at the Motor Home, and in no way meant to denigrate the Canadian win! They won fair and square. And that is because they had it in the US goal end the entire overtime. If we could have kept it in the Canadian end playing offense, perhaps it would have come out differently. JB I'm not a sore loser Canada won plain and simple! And it is your game, as we prefer US football.

  4. Hey I had my tongue in my cheek when I made that comment, but it was a great game no matter who finished but I confess I am partial to the Canadian boys and had they not brought the medal home life would have been pretty tough for them for a while. Travel safe!!


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