Thursday, March 25, 2010

Home at last, in KC

I'm in my favorite recliner, with the laptop on my lap.  Heaven!  But not without driving the last 320 miles of I 35 North in the spring rain.  It had snowed last week, so the rain was washing down the sand and gravel from the snow, so our rig and car are covered in road salt and sand.

We stayed in Arizona when the snow was falling, so at least we didn't have to drive in the mess last week.  The house was cold, as we leave the heat set at about 50 when we are gone, so the furnace has been running since 6PM constantly.  It heats up the air, but the actual wood and drywall is still cold, so it isn't off for more than a minute, and its right back at it.

We have a heat pump, and it struggled to raise the temperature much at all, until I kicked it over to the reliable old natural gas emergency heat.  Why do they call it Emergency, when it comes on at 35 degrees.  Heck that means most of the winter is an emergency!  LOL.

We have worked like dogs unloading the coach of all the stuff!  Why do we have all that stuff!  A lot of it is sewing stuff, but I have my fair share of hobby stuff too.  We seemed to have accumulated a lot of extra grocery items as well.  You buy it but then you don't use it.

Last night I emptied the 80 gallon water tank, so we drove today without that weight, and that made quite a difference, but I'm sure with all our clothes and groceries and the rest of the stuff out, I will not recognize the much lighter driving coach.

We didn't get done unloading, we just quit.  It continues to rain which makes the job all that much more nasty.  Tomorrow night we are to have nearly a freeze.  Enough so that I will have to keep the rig here at the house and let the propane heat run inside.  It also blows into the basement tank area keeping it above freezing.  Maybe it will warm up again in a few days.

We really have no contract on a place to store the coach, as I let the old storage go last fall.  That will become the first order of business in the morning.

So after 4 days of 350 to 400 miles each, I need to just kick back for the rest of the evening.

Retired Rod


  1. That is a lot of daily miles and you deserve a few days' rest! Hope it warms up soon and dries out.

  2. Yep, sure can identify with all that coming home & unloading stuff right now. At least it's not raining here but it's cold right now for a few days. Too bad you can't keep the rig at home. Janna & Mike from the Tin Teepee blog just got back to Montana today & another couple we know from British Columbia will be home tomorrow. Tis the season for all us snowbirds to migrate I guess:))


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