Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Onward to Boulder City!

We were both up before 7:30, which is almost unheard of for us as we like to sleep late all the time.  Today was a travel day and that changes things that we like! LOL. We went thru all the normal routines to get ready and we were off.

Again backing up the motorhome to hook up the utility trailer, up at the front parking lot attracted a well meaning fellow that felt he needed to help.  Loyce is now becoming quite a pro at getting me under the hitch correctly.  And…since the long handle jack that we are using in place of the tongue jack has wheels under it, we just roll the trailer over to where the ball is and drop it on with a quick turn of the handle.

That sort of startled our helper, as he was all ready to have me jockey the MH all over the place to get it just right and before he could even suggest the next step, I rolled it over and dropped it on the ball in one quick move.  “Well how bout that?” he said.  “I guess you won’t need me anyway.”  Well at least his heart was in the right place.

After drinking at the money (diesel) pump, we were on the road.  North to I 40 and then into California.  Stopped by the agriculture inspection, they inquired where we came from, like yesterday, but with the MH also asked where the coach was registered.  Kansas!

Next he wanted to know how long we had been in Arizona, and the answer of since last November, brought about “have a nice day.”   I never have figured out what they are looking for, but they stop everyone coming into Cal.

The road North from Needles, US 95 is horrid in California.  Its just blacktop on the desert floor.  It follows the undulations of the terrain without much grading. It is broken up because it carries so much traffic, and since its destination is Nevada, hasn’t had repair in years.  At one point I went over a railroad track that had a severe drop on the North side of the track.  Loyce told me it launched the trailer completely off of its wheels.

It also dumped all our clothes off of the closet pole and bent the pole and bracket as well.  I stopped and re arranged the trailer inside as everything was upset. 

When we crossed into Nevada, the road became a divided 4 lane highway that is worthy of interstate status.  It is obvious that Cal doesn’t care and Nev sees it as their lifeline.  We’ll go home on 93 if we can cross the Hoover dam with the MH.

We are staying in the Boulder Oaks RV Resort, here in Boulder City.  This is an owner park that is leased back for the park to sublet.  We are on the nicest lot we have ever stayed on.


It was almost dark when I took this, so the picture is all washed out.  We have the premium site, as it only was about $20 more when we paid by the week.


The neighbor doesn’t lease his lot back, so it has a chain across the front of the drive, but I walked over and took a picture of our patio, and the table and chairs.  We do have a couple of owner boxes that are on the back and padlocked, but they won’t bother anything.


If you look,  you can see lake Mead in the distance.


Here is the lake with the zoom lens from the back corner of the lot.  Can’t see Hoover Dam as it is around the corner to the left.  I’ll try to get some better shots when it isn’t so dark outside.

We drove into Las Vegas in the afternoon, driving the length of Las Vegas Boulevard and then around Freemont Street and Binion’s downtown.  We were just refreshing ourselves, since it has been over 15 years since we were here last.  Most of the Hotels we knew have been torn down, but Circus Circus, and the Caesar’s Palace are still here, so that provides orientation.  Downtown is much the same except for the light show over the Freemont Street area.

Places new to us are on every other corner.  It’s a wonder I didn’t have a wreck, as I was gawking out the window as much as driving the car.

We are not sure what we intend to do here, but we have a week to figure it out.  Or perhaps longer if the weather doesn’t improve back on the road to Kansas.  That doesn’t look too promising in the next week or so.  Wouldn’t it be the raspberries if we had to extend?

Retired Rod

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