Saturday, March 20, 2010

Another sports on TV day!

NCAA tournament time is another of those big TV days that somehow takes away all of my productivity.  Like the Super Bowl, and the Hockey game between the US and Canada.  I was on the computer in the morning, while the day started cloudy as the cold front went thru.

Once it was by us, the wind picked up to about 10 mph and it cooled to the low 70's.  We had been in the 80's.  I turned off the computer, resolving to go outside.

We suddenly had a new neighbor on our door side, and I went out and moved the car so they could back in their motor home, but the guy was a pro and really didn't need it moved.  Since I was outside, I turned my attention to the holding tanks.  We have 30 feet of hose out, and I got out the sidewinder ramp to attempt to get it to drain.  It is up hill towards the back, so even with the rack, it collects water in the hose.

I walked some around the park, over to the activity center where the wood carvers are having a rally.  Not many of the men had arrived yet, but tomorrow will be their big day.

When I got back, the tournament reached out and grabbed me.  Its still running as I type this.  How many more weeks does this run?

Loyce spent her day sorting thru all the cupboards deciding what we have used in our last 5 months of travel, and what is excess baggage.  She has identified a bunch of stuff that we shouldn't be hauling around.  It will be off loaded when we get back to Kansas.

So we hang out watching the weather, as the storm has now passed us by and is tormenting New Mexico and the four corners.  Looks like the snow event will be in the Tulsa, Oklahoma City, area.  It will stretch from Omaha down to Texas.  That pretty much defines the entire area we want to travel.

So we stay put some more!

Retired Rod


  1. Rod,

    We will have two TVs tuned in to the Tournament.

    I have some games I want to watch and Nanette has another.

    Productivity is not on our list of things today either!

    If we have already told you -- we love your blog!

    Ken and Nanette

  2. Hey Rod!!

    I cleaned out our cupboards's called making room for more fabric!! ;o)
    Take care!

  3. You are not alone watching all the NCAA games. Great year for upsets and close games!

  4. Could be a lot worse things to do than watching the NCAA tournament all day - like cleaning cupboards!!


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