Sunday, March 28, 2010

Birthday Parties and more Basketball

It started rainy today and stayed that way most of the day.  Cool in the 50's and rain.  But that didn't slow up the reason that we were here in KC by mid week.  See today was the birthday party!  And the reason that we drove pell mell thru five states to be back here.

Claire my third grand daughter turned Five this week, and her celebration was today.  In her honor, she had a birthday party at the local kids entertainment joint "Zonkers."

This is another Chuckie Cheese, or Peter Pieper Pizza type place where they have birthday parties and lots of rides that require tokens, that the parents dutifully purchase by the buckets full.  I was just moral support, and I did get to hold the 9 month old baby for a while when she was passed off to me.

All of Claire's school chums came to the party, and they all sang Happy Birthday and had cake and ice cream.  Oh and she got lots of presents.  Most of us men sat on adjacent picnic tables, and told stories, until we were rounded up by our significant others.

Then after naps were taken, they all congregated over here for the evening continuation of the party where they had giant cupcakes that Loyce had made during the morning.  The cup cake is a two layer job, that is in separate pans and frosted to be about 9 inches around and a foot tall.   She also made individual cupcakes for each participant.

We had already watched as Kansas State went down in defeat, and watched as Kentucky fell to their nieghbor state West Virginia.  It seems to be open season on number one seeds.  Look out Duke!

So peace has finally come back to the Ivers homestead, now that everyone has departed for home.  And we sent all that cake off with the kids, so there is nothing for me to piece on now that it is late at night,  Dang!

You know I'm not supposed to have that sort of thing anyway, but ..........

Retired Rod


  1. I'll have one of the cupcakes!

  2. Sounds like it was a great birthday party and you did your job well! #1 seeds are indeed an endangered species this year - who'd a thunk both Kansas and Kentucky wouldn't be in the Final Four? Duke sure won' be suffering from overconfidence this afternoon that's for sure.


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