Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Day three of our travel home.

Another 370 mile day!  We also had a time zone change, and since we are going East, we lost another hour.  We got up at 7 but immediately had to change our watches to 8 since we were driving into Texas in a few minutes after we left the park.

We were right on the highway, and had not taken the time to dig out much of our stuff, so the pack out didn't take long.  We were on the road by 10 AM Central time.  Amarillo was 110 miles to our East.  We drove about 65 mph as the wind was out of the South and buffeted the side of the MH making it a handful. 

Arriving about noon, we promptly dialed in Wal Mart to the GPS and headed out to the South thru the center of town.  I parked on the outskirts of the parking lot, and noted that I was the only RV.  Must have been too early for the overnight crowd.  There was a Lowes next door too, so this must be a popular spot.

We had our lunch in the parking lot after some necessary shopping, but didn't spend too much time lounging around since the GPS showed that we had 265 more miles to get to Oklahoma City.

I 40  to Oklahoma City is rough.  So rough that it shook the rig in a violent rhythmic fashion that seemed to cause every joint to creak and squeak.  Also the wind from the South had become quite strong blowing the side so strongly that at times I had trouble staying in my lane.

We didn't arrive until around 6PM, and I was beat.  After three days of 350 to 400 mile days, I'm not looking forward to tomorrow.  But it is only 320 miles to our home in KC, and Loyce is  ecstatic at the prospect of getting back home.  To me that just means I will have to begin working on the Income Taxes.

We are in a very nice park here in Oklahoma City.  Twin Fountains is situated in a wooded area on a hillside.  We are under trees and parked on concrete pads between blacktop streets.  The clubhouse is quite rustic with a lodge like feeling of log cabin design.  This is a destination campground.

But like all campgrounds there has to be some drawbacks.  Right?  We are located right at the Southwest Corner of I 44 and I 35.  Because of the trees, you can't see right across the highway, but you can sure hear the traffic.  It roars by and is continual.  We have experienced this so much, that we will make due, but we have noticed that we also have quite an exhaust smell from the cars and trucks.  I don't understand this, since the wind is still flapping the slide out awnings, but for some reason it must be in the exact right direction to cause us to smell the traffic as well.

We will do our final clean up of the rig in the morning, as we will have to put it in storage fairly quickly once we get back to Overland Park.  We still have the no overnight parking rule to deal with when we get home.  Also the water and sewers will need to be drained and ready for storage, since we have no way to hook up anything at our house.  Well other than a 20 amp dropcord.

So our winter trip for 2010 comes to an end tomorrow.  Boo Hoo Hoo!

For our new readers, I do continue to blog almost every day, during the summer. Since  we do head off to the lake of the Ozarks, and have weekend camping trips with the grandkids.  Our birthday girl who is 5 this week has declared that she is moving in with grandma and grandpa for the summer so we won't take off and leave her again.  I guess we really are missed!

Retired Rod


  1. Well, you've had a long and interesting RV Vacation and it sounds like your granddaughter will be happy to see you home! It was great meeting you and Loyce on the road this year and I sure hope we can meet up again soon - I owe you a cheeseburger!!

  2. Put it on your IOU list Rick, and we'll see if we can't figure out a way to collect on it next year! We really enjoyed our short time together as well. Isn't it fun how cyber introductions can become good friends quickly? Safe travels when you leave the valley!


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