Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Al's new Toy, and an SD Card

Just in case you haven't been over to see the Bayfield bunch's new toy!!!!!

Doesn't he look like a proud new Poppa?

Now we are really going to expect some hair raising drove off the side of the cliff stories next fall when it gets to Arizona.  Lets see, a lift kit, a winch, a base plate to hook it up to the motorhome........  I don't think were done here yet!

I have been the most lazy fellow now that I have been hangin out here at home by myself.  Without the bride to crack the whip and keep me on my toes, I can ride the motorcycle all day and sleep in the chair in front of the computer, and make a mess out of the kitchen......

But then come to think of it, I do that stuff when she is here too.  But she is so quick to clean up after me that I never notice that I made the mess.  Anyway my bad habits need to come to an end as she will be back here tomorrow.

I spent the day trying to source a SD card for the new camera that I ordered.  Of course they are available on the internet, but surely I can find one locally.  Not!

The deal is that the newer SD cards are SDHC for high capacity, and now they are rated for speed in a different way.  They used to be 1x or 16x and so forth.  But now the speeds are 100x or even larger numbers that make no sense.

So they changed to a Class number.  The new camera should be here tomorrow, and will require a Class 6 card.  I went everywhere and all I could find were class 4  and slower.  On a lark, I stopped by Sam's Club, and they had the same old class 4, but I asked the 20 something young man if they had any class 6 and he said no, but to go to Micro Center up on Metcalf because they would have them.

I've been there before, and they do have everything when it comes to computers, now why didn't I think of that?

I had some trouble finding the cards at the store, until I went to the check out and right there next to the cash register were the bins with all kinds of memory.  I got a 16GB Class 6 for $30 and that was better than anywhere on the net.  And no shipping to boot.

So now I am really pawing the ground to get that UPS man here and try out the new camera.  It is a Panasonic ZS7, and is like the one that Gordon of Nightly News up in Ontario purchased.  And I must admit that I hadn't considered the Panasonic since they came out with the 3 last year, but upon seeing the picture of Gordon and the newest model, I couldn't stand it and ordered one too.

I really hate to admit that, but I had considered a Cannon G11, like Rick up in Victoria, BC but just couldn't part with that much cash!  So this is more in my price range, and I have worn the Nikon by carrying it so the card and battery won't stay in too well.  The big Nikon is too heavy and big to go on a daily basis, and if I buy another big one it will just die in its case and never see the light of day.

So I should stop ramblin and let you fine folks move along to the next blog in hopes that they will be more interesting, LOL!

Retired Rod


  1. Heck of a deal on that 16GB Class 6 card, Rod. You'll be able to shoot a full length movie on that sucker! I'm sure you'll love your new Panasonic camera - just put it on automatic and shoot away for awhile and you'll be amazed at the pictures you'll get. I played around with manual settings on my G10 for a bit, but most of the time I just rely on "auto" as I think the Canon genies know more about how the camera works than I ever will!

  2. Great choice of camera and that price on the sd card is good too, I wish we had one of those stores here, I am currently looking at a Canon SX20 which is smaller than the Rebel but has a ton of features, and is still one step above the Lumix point & shoot we have. I'll let you know, the SX 20 will also take 1 hour of HD video with sterio sound, so I am really looking hard. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna.


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