Monday, June 28, 2010

Sleepy Sunday

It has been a non productive Sunday, as we had the grandkids until the early afternoon.  Their parents came and collected them which always turns into a time of visiting.

I'm not sure what we were talking about, but it took time to go thru it just the same.  My son works in Florida and has to commute on the jet liner during the weekends that he returns to Kansas. It is always a treat to see him in his short visits home.

After that Loyce got packed up and headed to her sisters home in Des Moines. They will have three of the four sisters there for a visit, and I graciously allowed them to have their girl time without my tagging along.

So it got really quiet here for the afternoon.  So what do I do?  Bike ride!  But it looked like it could rain any time.  So I went anyway.

Riding West over into old Olathe, I went past the park where the field day had been, but they had it all secure by the time I got there.  Since I was on old Kansas City Road, I followed up North into Lenexa, where it becomes Santa Fe Rd.  It is along the Santa Fe railroad tracks that are very busy most of the time.  I found one engine connected to two old caboose.  They were sitting along a siding waiting for another engine to take them away.  Or perhaps they were just stored there, but it was not an area for historical viewing, and the engine was modern.  That was the only train cars I saw in several miles.

I rode on until the area became quite industrial, and that gave me pause to head more East into nicer neighborhoods.  As I got over into Leawood, a nice area along the Missouri state line, the clouds began to make water droplets appear on my helmet visor.  Oh oh, rain.

So I looked back to the West and saw that it was much lighter.  So at the next major intersection, I scooted West and out of the sprinkles.  The streets seemed really deserted this afternoon.  Perhaps because it was about to rain and it was Sunday as well.

Back home the computer has captivated my evening, as it always does, but I did call Loyce to see how her trip went and learned they were headed out to a nice restaurant.

Me, I went to Arby's for a 99 cent roast beef.  They were good, so I had two.

Retired Rod


  1. Good to see you got out for a ride on your bachelor holiday, I took one week before last and went Train shooting with my camera's, it's good to have some quiet time by your self. Arby's is a wise choice, yummy roast beef and cheap, I like when you canm get the 5 sandwich's for 5 dollars. Be safe out there, Sam & Donna.

  2. You "graciously" let Loyce go alone to visit with her sisters? What a guy!! Doesn't sound like you'll be doing much cooking though!!


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