Monday, June 21, 2010

Another trip back to KC

Its always such a big day when you have to get packed up and on the road in order to go home.  Since we were travelling between houses, all the groceries have to be packed as well as all of our personal belongings.

The pontoon has a cover that needs to go back on and it has a zillion snaps all the way around.  It took me over an hour to get all this back on.  With helpers that can walk along each side of the boat on the dock it takes only minutes, but when you are alone, you get on and off of the boat numerous times as you snap stuff down.

But we were packed and left by just after the noon hour.  Not too shabby for organizing two kids under 8 years old and ourselves.  It takes about 3 and a half hours to drive back to KC, and we made one fuel stop for the truck  as I was pulling the utility trailer.

But we were unloading the vehicles back here in KC before 4 PM.  And the kid's mom was over here in a flash to pick them up.

I later took the trailer over to the dead storage lot where it is stored and parked it in its stall.  Finally as I was returning home the temperature fell below 90 degrees.  We saw 96 for a while in the heat of the afternoon.

I always reflect on these travel days as non accomplishment days.  But why did we have to work so hard all day if we didn't actually accomplish anything?

I have been sitting here talking to my oldest son on the phone and enjoying the remainder of fathers day tonight, and I am tired from our several days at play with the grand kids.  But then that is what I should be, tired because I think we wore them out too.

With nothing further to report, I'll just end it off here and wait to see what tomorrow will bring.

Retired Rod

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  1. Any day you can spend with your Grandkids is a great accomplishment as far as I'm concerned Rod! Congrats!


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