Sunday, June 13, 2010

Do you ever make comments on your own blog?

Do you ever make comments on your comment page?  Sometimes I will log on and make comments after someone else has posed a question in a comment.  But then I always wonder if the person asking the question ever comes back to see the answer.

I was thinking about that when I came back and made a comment after several others had commented, and suddenly realized that more than likely they would never go back and look at the comments a second time to see my answer.

I would think that the right way to answer these comment questions is to include them in the new blog topic for the next day.  But then by that time I have forgotten the question.  So I'm not sure how to answer comments, unless I include a shout box like Tioga George.  But then he gets some rather nasty of vicious stuff.........

He was really attacked several days ago for being in Israel.  Well now lets see,,, he is Jewish and he chooses to go to Israel,,,, and a reader doesn't like it????  So that is why I am reluctant to use a shout box.

I am curious what ideas are out there on this topic.  Do you ever comment back to folks that comment on your blogs?

Retired Rod


  1. It's a tough one as, like you, I doubt the person asking a question will come back to read the comments again. On occasion though, I will reply to a comment if I think I need to explain something better that might help others who are just reading the blog for the first time. More often, I'll deal with this type of situation in a follow-up blog.

  2. Like Rick, that is how I handle that as well. Don't think I have ever had any really nasty stuff in my Shout Box, just some advertising & I have eliminated them. It's a wonder I don't get nasty stuff in there though because I do say some dumb & controversial things sometimes. Be sure to get a Shout Box where you have control over the content. I know what you mean by forgetting to answer questions. Happens to me all the time & I always feel bad about that.......

  3. I do reply to comments that are written on my blog. I did have the same thought about wondering if they ever come back to the comment page and see my comment. So far, since I have a relatively new blog, there haven't really been questions to answer. I would probably try to do that in my next post, when/if I get questions.

  4. I try to answer directly by an e-mail if the person has one on his/her blog, It seems a little more personal, and I remember my Granddad saying the truly great men answer their letters.(He had jusr recieved a reply from some famous politician).If they don't have an e-mail address available I will most likely make mention in the next days post since that is where they posted the comment anyway after reading the blog post. If someone doesn't want to be bothered by an e-mail, or feels intrude upom, I am sure they will let everyone know in there blog. never have run into that though. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna.

  5. I like the idea of commenting back in the next blog. I think that is the best way to do it. I have seen that but forget to deal with it that way.

    I do comment back to a comment on the blog in question and figure the reader will go back and check, but I never know if they did. Sometimes like yesterday, I email the person directly if I can find and address.

  6. Like you, I usually forget too, Rod. I have answered some in emails but rarely have I answered in another comment.

    I agree about George. Why do people not think he should go to Israel? He seems to be having a good time and that's all that matters. I'm not even Jewish and I would go if I could although it wouldn't be the first place I would go.

  7. I always answer in the comments. I even make a point to come back and look at the original posts when I comment in your blog, to see if you answered. I have another blog life, to do with running and that group ALWAYS answers in the comments, so I started in my Andrew blog and it seems to work pretty well. I try to personally answer the question or comment, instead of a general note in the next post.

  8. I have the same problem - I don't go back after I've made a comment on a person's blog, and I doubt that many do. It is a dilemma - maybe we should try to end with a small "comment to the comments section"

    I'm appalled at what George's readers think they have the right to say. The latest one comment that his blog is now as boring as watching paint dry. The one I absolutely couldn't believe was the question on why do the Jews celebrate the Sabbath on Saturday instead of Sunday like the rest of us. Hello, the Jews were first!!! Why do we celebrate it on Sunday???

    So thankfully our readers are for the most part mature and polite.


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