Sunday, June 20, 2010

Our last full day with the Grandkids

We were up early with the kids this morning as they seem never to be able to sleep in beyond about 6 AM.
Caden seems to be the principal culprit in the getting up early game, as his sister Ema complains that he won't let her sleep.

Oh my we grandparents can't solve these on going battles.  We had creamed sausage over biscuits for breakfast, and Caden ate like he had never had anything for weeks.  Evidently we have found something that he really likes.

We headed out in the pontoon mid morning, as it seemed like it might rain later in the day.  We boated up into the Gravois Mills arm of the lake to the North since we hadn't gone that way much this year.  We were about 10 miles away, when it was way passed lunch time and we headed back.

Even though we were back for a lunch, swimming became the order of the day and lunch was put off.  Seemed like we had to do it all today since we are leaving for home in the morning, and urgency of better do it now set in.

In the middle of the afternoon, as naps were being taken, that storm did overtake us.   The sky clouded and the wind blew even harder than yesterday, but thankfully we were not out on the lake this time.  We would have been seriously wet, as it rained for more than an hour.

Tonight we went into town and had an Emo's Pizza.  This is a special Saint Louis Pizza joint place that makes a thin crusted pizza with provolone  cheese as its main topping.  We have been eating that for years, and even have one of the shops close to our home in KC.  But we have never seen it anywhere else but the Missouri area.

So tonight we had to stay up late since it is the last night, and only reluctantly went to bed.  I heard a lot of talking even after that, so you would think sleeping in would be in order in the morning, but I wouldn't bet on it.

Retired Rod


  1. Here in St Louis it's called Imo's Pizza and is topped with white Provel cheese which isn't as stringy as provalone, or mozzarella, Donna calls it cardboard with sauce, I however like it with pepperoni and extra cheese, I think they are a MO franchise as I haven't seen them west of the Columbia MO area, they are rated newr the top each year in Riverfront Times, so St Louisan's must like it. Look's like you will get some rest Ron with the Grandkids going home, Be safe out there, Sam & Donna.

  2. Ya I misspelled it it is Imo's and I may not know the difference between provel and provolone cheese. Since Sam is from St Louis I would defer to his description. We do have them in KC but they are not very popular over there. KC is a very difficult town to move tastes to. For instance Bandana's that we like as a Barbecue joint failed in KC almost immediately.

  3. Sounds like a perfect day with the grand kids, Rod. That pizza sure sounds good too!


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