Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Hotter yet, and the ceiling fan saga

So how hot was it?  It was over 90 by 9AM, and I decided that motor scooter rides were not on the agenda.  By mid afternoon it was 97, which even made driving the car somewhat nasty.  It can be a scorcher here in KC at times.

The fun however, has been the ongoing saga of the burned out ceiling fan capacitor.  Remember I emailed Lowes customer service, that their store associates had no idea about what a fan speed capacitor even was, let alone how to get a replacement.

Well they called my bluff asking for the model number and description of the burned up part.  So, I climbed up on the fan and removed the control housing and copied down the model number of the fan and the numbers and values off of the capacitor.  I emailed that back within about two hours of receiving the first answer.

Well then, the customer care lady forwarded the whole mess back to the senior manager at the store here in Olathe, Ks.  He then sent an email offering to just trade out the whole fan.  Unless I just had to have the parts for the old one.

Any way you cut it, the fan with the bad capacitor is going to be tossed out.  Its just our societies way of dealing with stuff that is broken.  Obviously they do not understand how to fix the problem, so they are willing to just make me go away by giving me a new fan.  Its cheaper than fooling with it.

It makes me wonder how many people in our technical world actually know how all these things we take for granted, work.  The engineers that design this stuff must be a very small number of our overall population.  It didn't use to be that way!  Since it is all made in China, I'm afraid that the Chinese are the only ones that know how things work, and that can't be good for us in the long run.  IMHO.

It finally got down under 90 by 8:30 tonight so as the sun disappeared into the West, I got in that bike ride.  I still had 87 on the dash thermometer as I rolled it back into the garage.  It was totally dark by then.  The air conditioner has never cycled all day.

Perhaps tomorrow will be cooler, but then I will be in the upstairs bedroom taking down a ceiling fan, before this manager gets amnesia. LOL.

Retired Rod


  1. Your scooter has a thermometer...and a dash?? Geeezzzz, modern technology is passing me by. Know what you mean by the 'throw away' society we live in. My Uncle Fred used to have a small appliance & electronics repair business back in the 50's. Back in the days when you would fix a toaster or a radio. Back in the final days when this whole North American society was still salvagable!!

  2. At least they answered the e-mail and didn't just tell you it was out of warrantee Now with a little time for your labor you will have a usable fan again, sounds like you did good. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna.

  3. When my cousin was here from England a few years back, she couldn't believe the things that we just tossed away. We're a disposable society and that's not a good thing1

  4. Grab the new ceiling fan and run. I've never minded getting a replacement instead of a part. I guess it's because I'm not all that great at repairing that kind of stuff.

  5. I'm sure they won't want to be bothered with having to dispose of the old ceiling fan, and I'd be perverse enough to keep it and continue looking for the part.


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