Monday, June 7, 2010

Sunday Stuff

I just tried to sign in to write a blog for tonight, only to be greeted with a message that blogger is unavailable tonight.  Since it is after midnight in the Eastern time zone, perhaps they think that the rest of us wouldn't mind if they signed off for a few hours!  Not!

So this is being prepared with the trusty new version of Live Writer that I broke down and installed several days ago.  It steamed me because I unchecked all the changes they wanted to make in my computer only requesting Live Mail and Live Writer, but that did no good.  They changed every parameter in my whole computer, even installing Microsoft Instant Messenger that I just hate, and changing my home page in my Firefox browser to MSN.  Really, changing Firefox?  Why didn't they change the default browser back to IE while they were at it?  See why I run Ubuntu on one of my desktops.  MSN has a bunch of gall.  And that is what steams the rest of us.

Enough of a rant, I can't do anything about Microsoft other than buy more stock, as they will still be here when the grandkids inherit the stuff.  And I'm sure will be telling everyone how their life should be as far as online even then.

Today was grandkid day, as the five year old and I headed out to go to Hillsdale Lake and see what was what at the campground.  She really wanted to go swimming, but we didn't bring her suit and grandpa doesn't make a good lifeguard.  But we went to the boat ramp and watched the show as folks put their crafts in the water. 

Its a riot watching folks back down the ramp with an empty trailer.  Usually they are too low to see out the back window of the truck.  The folks waiting in the boat out in the water are always waving their hands frantically as if that will improve things.   We left before someone decided to include us in their little tirades.

Back in Olathe, we went to McDonalds for a happy meal, and an hour or so at the playland.  At one point, a small tike became stuck up in the top of the gym tower, scared to climb up farther, or back down.  Our five year old went up and rescued the boy when she grabbed him and decidedly helped him to the top level.  In just a few minutes, he came merrily sliding out the tube slide at the bottom.  He never did climb back up on the equipment again.

Late in the afternoon, as everyone was napping, I slipped out on the scooter again.  I rode out into the country and covered some of the same ground we had done yesterday, buoyed   with new confidence after yesterday's adventure.  I zoomed from Louisburg to Paola on highway 68 at about 60 MPH.  I could never  have kept up the pace with the old bike.

When I got back in about an hour and a half, everyone was back up and we made homemade pizza for the night.  Even the one year old got into the act, as she seems to be getting a new tooth on the top.  She chomped right into that pizza.  (It was cut really small.)

Tonight we watched Cinderella again for the millionth time!! 

Retired Rod

It won't post, so it will have to wait until tomorrow.
It is still not posting at noon on monday!

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