Saturday, June 26, 2010

Field Day setup

I've done it again, waited until the middle of the night to blog about the day and can't remember where it went.  We were getting the grand kids for the weekend as their parents had a wedding that they have planned for eons.

So we were preparing for their arrival. And it began to get hot.  But I took the motorscooter to a different Wendy's and then to a different Wal Mart looking for a thin knit shirt made by Starter.  I have two and wanted yet another.  I only wear these when it is 90ish but today it was 97 while I was on the bike.  And I found the shirt.

This is Amateur Radio Field Day weekend, and setup began at one in the afternoon here.  So after the Wal Mart trip I stopped by the park.  They already had the big Sheriff's tower on the site, and were setting up radios in the picnic shelter. I stayed for a couple of hours.  Loyce finally called and wondered where I went.  Hint get home right now!!!!!

After we had dinner with the girls and I got the DVD movie started, I slipped back over to the radio meeting at 7:30.  We decided to put up the big dipole on the tower this evening while the sun was low in the West.  It was still 92 or more, and I again soaked my shirt.

As darkness settled over the shelter and the night lights came on, I decided to leave them all too it.  Some will spend the night just so bad things won't happen in the wee hours.

We will get set up in the morning, or finish the set up anyway, and be ready to go by 1 PM our official starting time here in the Central time zone.

Riding the bike back to the house after dark, the temperature was still 89 on the dash, but that is a whole lot better than the 103 I saw on it as I left Wal Mart this afternoon.  Ya that would be 39 C, and our humidity is 80% right now and I'm sure it has been that high or more all day.

The weather forecast is for even hotter tomorrow.  What we won't do for our Ham Radio hobby!

Retired Rod


  1. Sounds like a fun day. Even though I never picked up the ham radio bug it sounds enjoyable. Hope the weather cools off for you!

  2. Always wondered about ham radio, in fact I got a book several years ago but naver went any farther with getting the license, I use scanners for police and railroad channels, and I understand that the Ham radios will receive these bands also, maybe someday who knows when I have time on hands, like now. Have fun at the meet, Be safe out there, Sam & Donna.

  3. Your adventures in the 90 degree heat make me appreciate our 60 degree days even more. I wonder where it is 70 all year round though, I'll meet you

  4. That's the trouble with cell phones in my estimation - you can't ever escape!

    My dad was a lifelong ham radio operator "back in the day", W8PNW. I've never had a strong urge to try it and it's too late now.


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