Friday, June 25, 2010

Cooler so let the outside work begin!

It seemed cooler this morning, so that was my cue to go mow the yard!  At least it seemed cooler here in KC but it was still in the mid 80's at about 9:30.  I pushed the lawnboy trimming mower all around the outside of the property first, as I knew it wouldn't stay cool for long.

Then it was time for Mr John Deere our trusty lawn tractor.  While driving him isn't really too much work, he has a Kohler 15 HP motor that is right in front of you.  And it gets quite hot.  It pours that heat back and onto the driver, which is not what you look forward to in the heat of summer.  Go faster!  LOL! But then the cut becomes more erratic as I use it as a mulcher with the chopping blades and the chute blocked.

It is best to go slower and let it do its work.  I was done after noon, and had to go off on the motorscooter for a while.  It was showing 91 by now on the dash, but since I had been outside all morning, I didn't really feel all that bad about it.

I was looking for a patch kit for the vinyl swimming pool.  You might remember that I drained it to go to the lake last week, and it was draped over several chairs and the lawn table.  Well,,,, there must be a sharp corner on that stuff somewhere,  because I have a hole about the size of a pencil right in the middle of the bottom.  Drat!

No kits at Wal Mart.  Kid said they never had them this year.  No kits at Toys R Us, they don't carry them.  I made the mistake of asking what I should do to patch my pool, and she said  """""""Buy another one.""""""""   Oh boy don't get me started on this!!

So then I came back toward home and happened by our local ACE Hardware, and thought to myself, now they are in the fixit business.  I immediately stopped!  And Yes, happy bloggers, they had patch kits right on the peg in the glue and sealer isle!  They come with a big square of clear vinyl that you can cut a patch out of and the sealer.  It is full of toluene, remember that is the base for airplane glue.  A glue sniffers delight!

This afternoon became the patch it in the sun day, and it was now up to 93 on my weather station here in the house.  Our humidity is now in the mid 60 % range and you can stand to be outside at 93, when it isn't so dripping wet.

As of tonight the pool is now filled and warming up outside.  The water when it comes from the hose is soooooo cold that you can't stand to be in it even when it is 90 outside.  Our swimmers will be here tomorrow afternoon, so perhaps it will be much warmer when they get here.

I am happy to report that the new fan in the upstairs bedroom office has spun its tail off all day and never missed a lick!  And this old junky computer with its exorbitant and copious amounts of memory has its arm around me and is working like never before!!!

Retired Rod


  1. Figured with a pencil sized hole in the pool liner you could have just stuck a pencil in it, right...and do you run your garden hose through your refridgerator's freezer before it goes into the pool? Just thought I'd ask......:))

  2. Looks like a productive day all around, hope the patch last you for many more years, Buy another one, whew,I have to get out this morning befor ethe heat become aquainted with John Deere myself, just cut it about 4 days ago and as hot as it been you would think the stuff would have slowed down, but I will go out as soon as the duepoint is reached hopefully about 08:30am and get the 2 acres done before its 90 degrees again. Be safe out there Sam & Donna.

  3. I'm glad everything is working right for you!

  4. The first thing I thought of when you mentioned the hole in the pool was "Eternabond", the stuff we use to seal vent's etc. on our RV's. The stuff you got sounds like the right stuff for your job though.

    I'm still not ready to call 756mb of RAM "exorbitant and copius" but as long as the old computer is happy that's all that counts.


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