Friday, June 18, 2010

Playing at the Lake

The day was all play in the sun.  We are tired units tonight!!!

Remember that Wal Mart run that Loyce wanted to make this morning?  Well I managed to wiggle out and let them go off on their own to the WW place.  That allowed me to fire up the Red scooter that came down here with me and off I went.

I quickly rode over the dam and into the town of Lake Ozark.  We call this T shirt town, as it is a big tourist trap with lots of stores selling T Shirts and many game arcades and Ice Cream stores.  But I just zoomed right on thru.

I rode out onto the Horseshoe bend area where we had our previous bungalow home, before we built this one.  I had not been out there for about a year, so it was fun to zoom around all the old neighborhoods.  I came back up town and stopped at the quick stop for gas and a soda.  It was getting hot again.

I made it back to the house just as the kids and Loyce were returning, what timing.

Again this afternoon, it was pressure washer time for me, as the boat was webbed in with bug mess from only two weeks ago.   We are in the woods, and the bugs and spiders are relentless.  Also we have mud daubers, and they had built several mud homes in the canvas covers.  That is such a mess to clean up.

Loyce and the kids swam and went to the neighbors dock to jump off the ten foot high platform into the water.  That is a big deal, since they have never been allowed to do that before.  Our neighbor Todd may have more than he will know what to do with, as they will be back over there bugging him to do it again.

Once I had the boat reasonably clean, we headed out to do a boat ride until supper time.  Sorry dad, no naps today, except a little one as we returned with the pontoon.

Tonight it was up to Bandana's for the giant barbecued hot dog for kids. And of course fries and a never ending lemonade.  Grandma fed them their milk for breakfast and lunch! 

Ah we are all so tired that we can't keep our eyeeeeeeeeeee........zzzzzzzzzzzzz

Retired Rod

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  1. Sounds like a perfect day to me Rod. I'll bet the kids loved that 10 ft. jump into the lake!


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