Saturday, June 5, 2010

More Ubuntu and the cycle pants are in.

First of all, yes Rick, Ubuntu is suited to you older computer and will more than likely make it run right along.  The latest stable version is 10.04LTS.  Thats 2010 April and the Long Term Support means that they will support the upgrades for a longer time.  I had 08.04 LTS before I did the upgrade, and they were supporting that, but no I felt I had to have the new fancy schmancy video layout.  This machine is a Pentium 4 1.5 gig with 256 meg of memory.  I did change out the hard drive so I have  160 gig of storage.

I run Ubuntu because it supports some of my Ham Radio stuff and it is not for the masses, as it still has a command line and a terminal.  You can write programs with a line editor and all that stuff that brings me closer to how the machine works.

Of course that comes with lots of study of the Wiki at the Ubuntu site.  Which is what I did for most of the afternoon.  I wish I could report success, but alas I may be smarter, but the problem persists.

We continue to have the grandkids, and they keep grandma and I very busy.  Convincing Claire to eat her food and take a nap can be a challenge, but she is doing remarkably well.

Late in the afternoon I had a call from the motor cycle shop that ordered the new pants for me.  They were in, so I headed down there.  Seems that they are having a poker ride in the morning, so I may go participate.

Its a fund raiser for the High school so I bought a ticket to help out, but Loyce told me to go ahead and ride it.  So now that I have my hall pass......

We'll have to see what tomorrow brings.

Retired Rod


  1. Ah, poker runs, I remember those, lot's of fun and usually you stand a pretty good chance of winning a small prize. Good luck and have a fun day.Be safe out there. Sam & Donna.

  2. Have fun on the poker ride. Hope you don't get the urge to test those new pants!!


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