Thursday, June 3, 2010

Fudd's is gone!

Boy its never going to be the same!  We lost our Fuddruckers here in Overland Park, Kansas.  It was 15 years old and the restaurant was beyond tired.  The area is in the oldest part of the downtown and most of the businesses have long since been remodeled.

I told Loyce that it wouldn't make it the last time we were there, and that seemed prophetic.  So imagine our look as we pulled into the parking lot only to find the building empty and a big for rent sign out front.  We both said I told you so at the same time.

But now where are we going to get those sweet potato fries?  The reason I like them is because being diabetic, the sweet potato fries are much better for me than white potato fries.  Think too many carbos with the white potatoes.  Well mostly anything white.  White is bad, in rice, sugar, potatoes, bread, and so on.....

Where is George Carlin when I need him to find me some blue food?  And we all know that blueberries aren't blue, they're purple.    Only blue Jello, and I'm not sure that is really a food!  But what am I ever going to do without Fudds?

There's one down in the Branson, Mo area, and the one we went to up in Des Moines, but they didn't carry the sweet potato fries.  Or were out of them or some such nonsense.    There are others in Missouri, but none in Kansas at all.

We went to TGI Friday's outside of a West Side mall up on Shawnee Mission Parkway.  It was OK, and they did have the fries, but they were cold by the time I got them.  The burger wasn't nearly as fresh and juicy, and I ordered a bacon burger, and when I got it they forgot the bacon.

The waitress didn't believe that I didn't have any bacon, and I had to take the top of the bun off and let her look.  Yep no bacon.  So she went back and got me two strips on a plate.  We had the bacon. LOL.

But no Fudds,     good land!

It rained here for most of the morning, and brought our outside work to a complete halt.  I spent the morning on the phone with the insurance agent, as I messed up paying for the pontoon insurance.  Sent them the wrong amount, and since it was short of what it should have been, they canceled me.  I had a really small envelope with this news in it, that I missed all together.

So now I get to straighten that out.  But heck its my fault.  I fat fingered the amount when I ordered the payment.  Couldn't blame myself, but darn there wasn't anyone else in the room.

Its always hard to say "I did that one wrong!!!"  "I'm wrong"  "I must have been wrong about that."  Now that wasn't so bad, and no one really got mad at me.

So now we need to go find my new favorite Hamburger place, and no it isn't Friday's.  Maybe if I make a list of all the places within say 10 miles, no 15 miles,  and set out on a project to go eat at every one.  But I will weigh 400 pounds before I get that project done!!!

Wish me luck!

Retired Rod


  1. No Fudd's?? Heavens to Murgatroyd! This could upset your whole way of life while at home. I think you should start soon to try and find a suitable replacement burger joint - one that sells sweet potato fries for sure.

  2. My daughter makes her own sweet potato fries. For a big family gathering she fries them because they are crispier and taste better, but you can bake them in the oven as well.


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