Saturday, June 19, 2010

More Lake Play and a fast moving Thunder Storm!

Today was a carbon copy of yesterday here in Lake Ozark.  The only difference was that it was me that sneaked out to Wal Mart in the middle of the day.  I made the excuse that I needed to get some gas in our jet ski cans and some lunch at Wendy's.

But that was during the naps that the kids took for about an hour or so, so I was free for that time.  We went out on another pontoon ride a about 3:30 in the afternoon, and ran straight into a fast moving thunderstorm.  We could see it gathering to the Southeast so we headed West thinking we could outrun it.  But that proved to be incorrect.

The wind came directly from the South and gathered speed enough to rapidly turn the surface of the lake into white caps.  Since we are a three log pontoon filled with Styrofoam actually sinking the pontoon would be all but impossible.  But strong enough wind could perhaps blow the craft over or upside down.  Of course we didn't have wind anywhere near that speed.

It is unsettling though to have water that is wind driven enough to blow over the decks from the sides, and we were approaching that wave action.  So I turned into the wind presenting the more pointed end of the boat to the waves.  Trimming up and picking up the bow with the engine torque allowed us to cross the channel and enter a cove that was more protected from the wind.

It did begin to rain, but as we headed into the wind, we drove out of the rain.  In a few minutes the fast moving cell was gone, almost a rapidly as it came up.  The weather returned to mid 90's and blow torch like breezes.  Normal stuff for central Missouri.

We ended our day here with a cookout of bratwurst and hot dogs.  Nothing like a little picnic food to finish off a fun day of swimming and boating.

Tonight we have used Skype for several phone calls once to mommy and daddy back in KC, and then I became involved with another ham friend after the kids all went to bed. 

So zoom, just like that another day in the record books.

Retired Rod


  1. "It is unsettling though to have water that is wind driven enough to blow over the decks from the sides,"

    Geeezzzzzz, some of you guys are lucky enough to have all the excitement!!

  2. Ever since my Navy days I have had a high degree of respect for water especially when connected to storms, after you see waves breaking over the bow of a carrier and remember that when it is sitting at the dock the bow is 70feet from the water, you can't help but wonder at the power of wind and water.Be safe out there. Sam & Donna.


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