Thursday, June 10, 2010

A steamy day after the rain

It rained all night!  I thought it had stopped, and when I got up at about 4 AM, it was sprinkling still.  But as I was going back to sleep, it cut loose again.  Big blotchy drops and some wind.

I wanted to take the motorscooter in for an oil change, but it was really wet. As I called about 9 AM the service guy said that their parking lot was all mud, and that they hadn't been able to pour any of the concrete around the building, or its garage doors.  So unless you want to deal with a really muddy bike, perhaps you had better hold off.

So when it did get sunny and steamy about noon, I hopped on the bike and rode over to the RV.  It is parked in a storage mart parking lot inside the fence with the gate and cameras.   It seems safe there, and the parking lot is hard surface.

With all the rain, though, I wanted to go look inside and make sure that we didn't have any surprises as far as leaks or windows open or any other maladies.  It seemed fine.  The sun had it over a 100 inside, so I didn't hang around.

After pouring some mixture of pinesol and bleach down each of the sink traps, I left.  I have used this mixture for several months now after reading on a blog that others have had luck with it.  It is mostly pinesol, with about 20 percent bleach mixed in.  I even put it in the holding tank after washing it all out.  It seems to hold longer than the commercial chemical stuff.

From there I went to Wal Mart for some beverage mix for the over 90* day, and on to Wendy's for the cheap meal for lunch.  Any excuse to ride the scoot around.

Once the heat of the day broke, it was almost dry enough to mow the lawn, so I went out and did that for a couple of hours.  Still it was steamy and the yard was wet in the low spots.

I have an appointment with the Diamond Shield installer for Friday morning to replace part of the plastic shield around the driver's side headlight.  The guy is driving in from down in the Springfield area.  Perhaps we should look into the Dimond shield business in KC.  But they would want a franchise fee, and that would make it really expensive if it didn't pan out.

Its supposed to be really hot for the next several days.  Perhaps that will get the Suzuki dealership back in business if they can finish his driveway up.  But the thought of going and purchasing the filter and oil keeps entering my mind.

Since it is the first time for the break in oil change, I usually get the dealer to do it.  Just in case something goes wrong or is wrong.  It will be a lot easier to just say "heck you guys serviced it."  But if they draw it out over a period of time, I won't wait.

Retired Rod


  1. The weather there sounds pretty uncomfortable. I think I'd be on that bike!

  2. Hello Rod, We are thrilled that you store your bike with us and appreciate the mention.

    Please let us know if there's anything we can do to make your storage stay better.



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