Monday, June 14, 2010

Who did the rain dance?

It won't stop raining here!  It rained hard for most of the morning, and the roads never did clear of water.  The creeks ran all afternoon.  Because it was so wet, I left the motorscooter in the garage.

I drove the car over to the RV this afternoon and learned that the new diamond shield covering that we put on Friday had come partially off in the rain.   This is what happened the last time. 

So, since I watched very intently as the installer applied it, I reapplied the film working out all the air bubbles.  It seemed to be stuck down good but....

As I type this we have yet another thunder storm going thru the neighborhood.  It is a real hum dinger, as it has clattered and rumbled for over the last hour.

Luckily our electrical service is mostly underground out here in the newer area of town, so we have not experienced any electrical losses, and we have the internet via cable TV connection which goes to a wireless router in our pantry.

So we have no wires to the machines other than the electric plug ins.  The cable is also completely underground for several blocks, so I have not felt the need to disconnect.  I hope that optimism remains correct.

Tonight we were over at our son Ben's house for fresh Salmon cooked on his grill along with skewers of fresh veggies grilled as well.  Rounded out with a fresh salad and garlic bread, I came away very stuffed!!!  Thanks Ben.

The grandkids all had school tomorrow, so we had to get out of there or they would not have gone to bed.  But I am sure with this storm they are not sleeping one bit.  They get really scared by these things.

I spent the  rest of the day working on the Ubuntu computer resolving more of its issues, but not all.  But I am using it to write this blog, so it must be coming along, if only somewhat slowly.  They need to iron out some of their bugs so it may take some time to get it right.  But hey its an older machine that I just play with, so they can have all the time they want.

Now if it was my main machine that I relied on for everything, not so much!!!!

Retired Rod


  1. I lost my patience really quick trying to do anything with Ubuntu! I hated Vista even more, so I bought a Mac. Nothing comes up to the old XP for being intuitive and easy to use though. The old machines just don't have the power you need these days.

  2. I think we must have finally sent the rain down south and east from here as we've finally had a few days of hot sunny weather! You are welcome to keep it there for as long as you like, o.k. Good luck with Ubuntu!


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