Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Summer fun at the lake.

Drain the swimming pool we're heading out to the Lake place!!

The little eight foot pool on our back patio is only about 2 feet deep and now has a cover, but we cannot and will not leave it there when we are going to be gone for any period of time including an overnight.  There are too many wandering kids in this neighborhood.

So out came the plug and it took almost all day to get it back down to the concrete.  I fill it under pressure with two hoses and it takes about three hours, but just using gravity with a hose tossed down hill to siphon the water out is a lot slower.

And yet again when it stopped raining for several hours in the afternoon, I went out and mowed the grass back to the tight clipped level.  A fresh start so we will not have to come back for about a week if we so choose.

We are grabbing the oldest two grand kids and should head out later in the afternoon after everyone gets their school and office appointments over with.  Me I have an appointment with a bowl of Cherrios.

I am taking the smaller red scooter to the lake in the utility trailer that we pulled to Arizona last winter.  Since it doesn't seem to sell, perhaps I can get some use of it when I am down to the Lake.  It is my plan for now anyway.  Now watch the add on Craigs List will get someone wanting to look at it now that it isn't here.

I again got caught up in messing with Ubuntu this afternoon, and the day seems to disappear.  I have an interrupt problem with Skype where the processor goes off and checks something and the voip blips while its gone.  It is annoying to say the least.

I never even got caught up reading all the blogs, but rather waded neck deep into all the threads on the Wiki about fixing Skype.  For some reason reinstalling it several times over itself seems to help.  And it did help, but isn't a new install just like the install I did a few minutes ago?  That doesn't make a bit of sense.

When they have these brand new versions, they come with a bunch of bugs.  If Windows let stuff out the door with bunches of bugs, they would get crucified.  But since this if free and there are plenty of older versions that are stable, you load the newest stuff at your own peril and read the wiki threads and try stuff to get it working.  Then you report back to the thread what you did and how it came out.  The developers watch the problems Id'ed by us users and then fix the bugs.

Again don't put this on the computer you use for production every day.  Use the August 2008 version, and it is very stable and works for almost everything.

I won't be Ubuntu ing  at the lake as this desktop isn't portable, and I refuse to waste my lake time on public linux projects.

Enough of my babbling, Retired Rod


  1. Well, you kinda lost me on that Ubuntu thing. Until this morning I thought the Ubuntu were a tribe of ancient cave dwellers lost to the ravages of time somewhere deep in the impenatrable jungles of a Brazilian rainforest somewhere. Who knew!!

  2. I've noticed that with Skype as well. When I do get a good solid version working, I like to keep it as long as possible because all I use it for is phone calls not all of the other junk they keep adding to it that fouls it up.

  3. I never use Skype any more because the picture keeps freezing up, but I still get messages of a sexual nature (how and why is messaging connected with Skype?)

  4. Draining the pool...very responsible! I'm like Al, I had no idea what the Ubuntu thing was. Swoosh (that's the sound of it going over my head)



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