Friday, June 11, 2010

Working around the house

Another day messing around here at the house.  I went over and got a filter for the motorscooter, and came back in the afternoon and busied myself changing the oil.

Loyce had the grandkids for the midmorning and some of the afternoon. She fed them lunch, and I brought back Chicken Nuggets to go along with it.  But as it became nap time, their mom came and got them.  Now it is really quiet in here again.

While it was not hot here today, it was dripping wet with humidity.  Even tonight after dark, it feels like a giant wet blanket when you go outside.  We had thought some about going to the lake this weekend, but with this humidity, we may just pass.

There is no real sense in sitting in the A/C at the lake, and not being able to go outside much or do anything.  We have spent so much time down there in previous years, that the excitement is mostly gone from our visits.

So nothing really interesting to report in KC for today.

Retired Rod


  1. "We have spent so much time down there in previous years, that the excitement is mostly gone from our visits."

    That is kind of what has happened with me & my motorcycle....the excitement of the early days is mostly gone:((

  2. Excitment around Dardenne Prairie used to be watching the bug zapper, now that they are gone and out of fashion, there's not much to do. Be safe out there, Sam & Donna.

  3. We don't get that kind of humidity up here on the west coast. Mind you, we don't get that kind of hot weather either. I guess some things are always a trade-off.

  4. It has been very hot and humid here in Georgia for the last few days. Monday was nice (almost like an early fall day with NO humidity) but NOT this weekend.
    Campground is full this weekend but its a quiet group. :)

    Mike & Gerri (happytrails)


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