Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Memorial Day

I was a member of US Naval Mobile Construction Batalion number 11.  I deployed to camp Hains Viet Nam with them in 1969. We were there for most of that year, but were allowed to return to California in late November.

I was one of the lucky ones that came home in the same health and physical condition that I arrived in Viet Nam in.  Others from our Batalion were not that lucky.  We built several Railroad projects outside of our camp, and were required to defend these positions at night, after we had worked all day.

So Memorial Day takes a special meaning to me, as I remember and still wonder why I was allowed to carry on in my life, when others didn't.

I usually do not get all boisterous about these things, and do not go find a parade to be part of or anything like that.  But please pause a minute as this day comes to an end and say thankyou to our troops, no matter how or where they have served our country.

With that said, we spent the morning on the pontoon again driving the main channel of the Lake from our 2 mile mark home up past the 10 mile mark.  It had rained in the morning, and that seemed to chase the majority of the boaters away.

As the day progressed, others became brave and left their docks.  By 1 PM, we had enjoyed our ride and returned for lunch on the dock.  Others were now sturring   the waters we had vacated, and the sun began to heat the steamy air.  The kids swam and gave the temperature no pause.

By mid afternoon, we had to cover the boat and jet ski to get ready to leave.  It seems somber that it is all over, but generally we are so busy loading up that we don't have time to reflect on it.

Tonight we are back here in KC with a yard that has a weeks growth, and neighbors that are still partying in the street.  But they will all be back to work in the morning.

It was a good day,

Retired Rod


  1. One of the great things about living the life we do is that sometimes you get to have two opportunities to think about the important things. In Canada we spend time in November thinking about those who have made sacrifices to defend our way of life. They call it Remembrance Day now although when I was growing up I remember it being called Armistice Day. And of course there are two opportunities to celebrate Thanksgiving Day, the real reason no Canucks head south until at least mid-October....lol.

    Thanks for your service and that of others who served the cause of freedom no matter what country they call home.

  2. John brings up a good point, that we used to call November 17. Armistice Day, and now it is Veterans Day. Since there have been a lot of conflicts since WWI when the Armistice was signed in Europe. And we used to call Memorial Day, Decoration Day. When all the graves of solders were decorated with flags.

    On the Thanksgiving bit, I thought Canucks just wanted to eat a good meal at home, then leave and come down here and have another good meal again, all in the name of Thanksgiving.........Works for Me!!!


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