Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Back home to the work

This  was another of those days where its all work and nothing interesting to blog about.

Since we were gone most of last week, the yard needed attention and that took all of the morning.  Then the cars needed washed and the water spots dryed off.  That took to mid afternoon.

That's when it clouded up and rained and hailed.  Yes hailed fairly hard, on the car that I had just polished.  Oh well.  But it seemed to be a fairly clean rain, as it almost left no spots on the clean car.  Rain water is naturally soft water, and not at all like our city water spotty stuff.

I had to wheel the motorbike back into the garage just as the rains came.  That afforded me some time to be a computer geek.

Late in the afternoon, the bike came back out, and I rode to the town of Spring Hill.   There is a motorcycle appearl store there, and I ordered some netted long pants to go over my summer shorts.

The rip stop material is rated to skid along the ground without tearing for 120 feet.  They say blue jeans will go about 15 feet without tearing.  Me I want to slide no feet, but perhaps with the right clothes on I will never need to use them.

So all is well here in KC and I am certain that more 95 degree days are in our future.  And perhaps the rain shower in the middle of the day would be something to look forward to as that plays out in the long summer months.

Retired Rod

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  1. Well Rod, all I can say is I hope you never, ever have to find out if those pants really do skid along the pavement for 120 ft!! It's pretty nice here today, lots of sunshine, but we've had our share of rain over the past 2 weeks. That's why the grass keeps growing I guess!


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