Thursday, June 17, 2010

More to explain about Ubuntu and the trip to the lake.

Ok, for those that are not aware, Ubuntu is an operating system that is mounted on a computer that takes the place of Windows.  It runs on a PC computer, not an Apple.  It is completely free, and will almost do everything that Windows will do.  The office suite is also free.  The eMail client is also free.  It runs Firefox as a browser which will run anything that is on the internet.  Firefox is free.

Did I mention that it was free!!!!!

Ok I hope that explains what I am doing with the Ubuntu bit.  I have an old computer that had Windows 2000 on it, that I bought from a bone yard computer store here in Kansas City.  I put a completely new hard drive in it that was not formatted. With my Windows laptop I copied the Ubuntu download onto a CD that is made bootable and booted the old machine from the CD drive.  From there the install is just follow instructions.  The cost of the whole thing was under $200 for the old computer and the new hard drive.

So this is what I am messing with.  I have been doing this for about 3 years now and have learned enough about operating systems and command lines and all the rest to be able to talk geek, and look fairly geeky to my friends and even evidently  to  some of you bloggers. But don't believe it for a minute, as it is a smoke screen. I find this fun, when trapped in a city without being able to go RV.  Especially when it is too hot outside to go for a scooter ride.

But I managed to control myself this morning and not start into the Ubuntu bit again, opting to go drain the rest of the remaining water out of the pool and deflate it enough to toss it over our patio table.  I hope it will stay there without the wind blowing it away. I draped the cover over the Gas Grill.  Perhaps it will all dry out before we get back.  But if it continues to rain everyday, it may not.

We had a safe trip down here to the Lake place, as it is about 180 miles.  We didn't leave until 4 PM since the grandkids had to finish their day's activities at their respective schools, and Loyce did the dentist thing at 2 in the afternoon.

That gave me the excuse to go get the small Wendy's meal that I like with the big motorscooter, and stop by our local Heritage Park picnic shelter and enjoy the out of doors for a few moments.  But time slipped away rapidly, and it was back home to finish packing up.

We stopped in Versailles, Mo at about 6:30 or so for the McDonalds happy meal treat for the kids, as they were really hungry.  We need to make a Wally World run in the morning, as we didn't bring much in the way of groceries with us.  We knew it would be late and opted to go shopping here.

The house was 90* inside when we got here, so it is still not cool at midnight as I write this, but it should be fairly nice by morning, so I need to go try and sleep, as the kids will be up before 7, and perhaps a lot before 7...........

Let hope Grandma can handle that while I ,,,   ya she'll make me get up too.

Retired Rod


  1. Interesting! I have never heard of Ubuntu.

  2. Hmmm? Ubuntu sounds about as annoying as those Vuvuzela's that are always blaring away during the World Cup! But, like you say, it's free and that ain't bad. I just may have to try it out on one of our old computers sometime when I have absolutely nothing to do - it sounds much more fun than a Rubic's Cube!

  3. The big motorscooter came in your Wendy's meal?? :)


  4. Ya I guess that is a bit ambiguous about taking the big motor scooter over to Wendy's and then out to the park to eat lunch. But I never was too good in English class.

    But it would really be neat if you could get a motorscoter with lunch!!!


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