Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Out and about on my birthday!

Today was a lot colder day here than yesterday!  I not sure it was ever up to 50.  More like the early 40's, so I stayed inside most of the day.  Just content to do my internet reading time, and leave off a bunch of comments on other folks blogs.  Do you ever wonder if they actually go back and read all that stuff?

I was tickled to see that Gypsy was united with her new Lance truck camper over in Western Arizona.  I think she spent the first night in it, so life is all new again for her as she sorts thru living in a tight space.  But it has to be way better than the tents she claims to like when primitive camping.  Good luck with the new camper!

And my friend Rick is up in Vancouver Island freezing his buns off in the snow!  Looks cold Rick!!  And he is talking about going on a weekend test run in the cold to see if all systems are still go in the new Heartland.  My guess is that he will know for sure after spending some time at freezing outside.

I did head out to the local Lowes store where I purchased a little 3.6 volt Black and Decker drill screw driver.  It is just a little thing with the 1/4 inch six sided chuck to hold a bit.  But it was really cute so it became my birthday present to me.  I have it charging here by my chair.  It had Lithium batteries in it so I am hopeful that it will last longer than the older drills did.  I do know it will hold a charge longer than the ni cad batteries and is small and will fit in the motorhome drawer easily.

Loyce bought me a new political book, and since this is not a political blog, I will refrain from saying what it is.  I'm sure I will offend half of my readers, since I have folks on both sides of the aisle, and I want to remain friends with all of you!

Then I  went over to Home Depot, where I found a remnant of vinyl flooring that was 4 1/2 ft wide by the 12 foot roll.  It was still marked at full retail, so I had to find the manager and ask for a remnant price.  They had it marked at 6.79 a yard for the 6 yard piece.  $42.  So I offered her $20.  Oh man! You would have thought I offended her aging mother!  We went back and forth, and I finally said I would go put it back in the shelf where I got it.  That did finally get her down to $4.25 a yard, and she would go no lower.  So I gave up and bought it.

I need this flooring to protect the wood floors here in our kitchen from little Biscuit.  She is not even close to potty trained!  And we just cannot watch her every moment.  Seems she is chewing on something, or has just peed on something, every time we turn around.  But this is raising a baby puppy, and we knew what we were signing up for when we got her.  Well at least I did.  I think Loyce was just in love with her.  And still is for that matter!

We have made tentative plans to leave at the end of the thanksgiving holiday now, but I am not sure when that will be exactly.  But just confirming that we are headed out is enough of a birthday present for me for today.  We will have to see how far I can ride with the sore stomach, in the big motor home.  I am hopeful that it will be a smother ride than the smaller car or pickup truck rides that have been rough on me for the last several weeks.

But we are going, no matter how darned long it takes to get there!!!

Retired Rod


  1. I always go back and read the comments - and sometimes I put a comment there in response, but I doubt that person ever comes back and reads them.

    Good luck with the continued potty training - that is what I like about cats - they learn all that stuff from their mother. ;)

  2. Rod, Do't know how old Biscuit was when you brought her home but if she was close to 8-10 weeks you should look forward to having her housebroke,almost, in 2-4 weeks, but it does take watching them like a hawk and nicer weather to get them out and concentrate on doing their business and not wanting back in because their cold.You may have to wait till you get to Arizona to put a maximum effort into it. Donna says Sadie is coming along well after 2 weeks at our place. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna.

  3. Slow and steady wins the race! You can take your time going south. Enjoy! :)


    Take it easy and enjoy your day.

    Travel Safe

  5. Glad to see you had a good Birthday running around doing all those chores! I guess it won't be long now before you're on the road headed towards Arizona and all that warm sunshine! It looks like we'll be back in the 40's again by tomorrow - can't wait!!

    Happy Thanksgiving to you, Loyce, Biscuit and the rest of your family!

  6. I am notified by email anytime someone leaves a comment.
    I don't have the word verification anymore, but I had to keep the comment moderation as I have had some spam.

    As for little Bisciut, I hope this will help:

    She is going to be about a 25-35 lb dog, by the looks of her, so housetraining is going to be even more important. I don't know how big she is now, but I am going by the squares on your linoleum in the picture!
    Happy Tails and Trails, Penny, TX


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