Tuesday, June 28, 2011

More wiring and bad reviews on the dehumidifier!

We broke the heat overnight with rain at 3 AM, and so today was steamy but not as hot.  The heat we did have cooked the moisture out of the ground and the humidity was astonishing.

Yesterday I purchased a dehumidifier from Lowes.  I was advertised as a 50 pint machine, and overnight, it filled the water tank clear full in about 10 hours.  Guessing that it holds about 2 gallons, it would require that you empty it three times a day, so something has to change about that procedure.

The machine has a screw on cap on the back that looks like a hose cover, and removing it revealed that you can indeed screw on a garden hose fitting.  So it was back over to Lowes to purchase some kind of hose.

I got a short garden hose that is designed to hook up a hose reel, and it seems to be working.  The catch to all of this is that the reviews of this product are terrible.  Loyce our consumate trash tosser, immediately threw away the box, so now I can't take it back.  Oh well, we'll see how long it will last.  Most folks report about a year and they are done.

So I spent another day working on the electrical rough in wiring in the basement.  There really isn't that much wiring, but I am fairly slow doing it , so it will take me several days.  I put the main run of recepticles in using 12 gauge wiring.  This will alow for 20 amps to be drawn at once.  I did this because when it becomes winter, we will be using space heaters.

But pulling the heavy wire back to the electrical box thru the overhead holes drilled in the floor joist prove difficult.  That took about half of the day.  So the rest of the job will be done in 14 guage.  It is a lot easier to work with!

And to top it off, the job requires a lot of hammering of the wire staples, and my hands are not used to this pounding.  After all day, I seem to be terribly sore in my hands and arms.   It is tough to get old........ no wonder we have to retire!

Retired Rod


  1. I never had much luck with humidifiers in either of our homes, I also agree that youth is wasted on young people, who are to lazy to work, just when you are retired and have plenty of time for projects, your body is worn out, what a bummer.Be safe out there, and start thinking about some weekend when you & Loyce can meet up with us for a weekend in Columbia MO. we can stay at Cottonwoods RV Park, It's halfway from KC and Dardenne Prairie, and Columbia has a new Dinner Train I want to ride. Maybe we can swap a few Sea stories. Thinking after the hot weather is over in Sept might be better, what do you think? Be safe out there. Sam & Donna..

  2. This old bod just doesn't last as long as it used to. And it hurts so much faster. Getting old is not fun. That's why we have to find our fun where and when we can. Haven't used humidifiers very often - growing up in MT it's a pretty dry climate most of the time. So good luck with it.

  3. Like Jim and Sandie we have never used a dehumidifier as in our country humidity is never much of a problem.

  4. No humidifiers here either, just not necessary. Could use some heat right now though.

    Paulette's a box tosser too, I always try and hide them in my workshop before she can get to them.

  5. I had a dehumidifier once and my electric bill shot way up. Beware! It did a great job but I had to stop using it.

  6. New Zealand is full of humidity....

    i am using 70 pint dehumidifier...

    love it and thanks to it

  7. I think 50 pint is enough to get rid of humidity...


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