Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Happy Memorial Day!

Last night I acted all cavalier that we could have a quick day at the lake and just head on out to KC.  But that is not as easy as I made it.  Nothing went wrong, and we are here in KC, but it all takes time, and it was 10:30 by the time we got home.

If you remember several days ago, we had the air conditioner man out here to service our AC and he added a couple of pounds of freon.  Well last Thursday just as we were ready to leave for the lake, the AC began to refuse to start.  Too much freon is my guess, but then I am not a refrigeration guy.

I called the service people, but they were all booked up and said Tuesday was the day.  The first day they could come.  So that is tomorrow, or as you read this it is already today.  I have my breath held because this could get expensive rather quickly.  The AC is only 5 years old, but things aren't made like they used to be.

We did have a nice time on the lake this afternoon with the boat and the new jet ski.  Today was in the mid 80s but the wind had kicked up and made the lake rough.  We went North up into the Gravois Arm, and it wasn't as bad up there.

We didn't get on the road until almost 7 PM, as we knew it was without AC back here in KC.  No sense arriving any too early.  But tonight it is about 78 outside and threatening rain.  The wind is still with us, and we seem to have a good cross ventilation going with the windows open.

Neither of us remember opening the windows and doing without the AC since we have lived here.  I wonder how quickly it will become hot in the morning.  The AC guy did not give us a specific time when he would arrive, so it could be later in the day.......Ugh..

Retired Rod


  1. Rod check your warranty on that unit, We bought a new AC a couple years back and it came with a 10 year warranty. Maybe you'll get lucky. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna.

  2. Hope the A/C repair is a quick and inexpensive fix. You sure have had more than your share of repairs, fixes and problems this spring.


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