Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Another collectible watch and reservations

As usual, when Shop NBC does a feature on Android watches, I am watching instantly.  And Sunday night and Monday they were on special in their Today's Top Value.  Usually I can resist most of these sales, but on this occasion, they had a watch with T100 Tritium gas tubes on sale.

The gas tubes are like little florescent bulbs on the hands and hour markers and make the watch glow without any electric power or any charging of sun light or light from an outside source.  The Tritium is a form of radio active gas and causes the tubes to glow for 25 years.

Usually these watches go for really big money, but on special they were under $200.  I couldn't wait to get one on order and pre ordered last Wednesday even though the price at the time was $278.  I knew that the shop would honor the price reduction for 30 days.

But in order to get that reduction, I had to call in this morning and get a customer service person on the line.  She said sure no problem, and asked for the order number.  Then she began to have trouble with the computer when adjusting my account.  She reassured me that we would get the adjustment, but it seemed to take quite a while.

The payback for all of this is getting the exact dial color that I wanted and it will be here either tomorrow or Wednesday.  The folks that waited for the show to air, will not get theirs until next week.  Am I hooked on this watch collecting thing or not???

Anyway once that was over, I was out walking Biscuit up to the dog park, and stopped to talk to a neighbor from Iowa.  Mike was telling me that the office had warned some of the repeat campers to make their reservations for next year right away.  They are becoming booked up on most of the best spots.

We do like this spot we are on because it is a couple of blocks away from the US 60 freeway that passes by the South part of the property.  Also we are about equal distance between the dog park and the bath room/laundry building.  We are actually closer to the dog park, and that is visited several times each day.

I brought it up with Loyce and she said, "You haven't done that yet?"  Well no I hadn't........  So I rode the motor scooter up to the office and put down $250 for next year.  And....  we did get this same site back again.  So we will know some of the neighbors again for next year.  I laughed that now all we needed to do was get a new park model and we would be all set....  All I heard in return, was "Ya,  Right!"

After that, Loyce headed out to do some laundry, so that left me alone here and the bike was already uncovered.  Wendy's!!!!!  After that, I rode down to the Mesa Gateway Airport area, where President Obama had arrived last week.  No sign of any of his after party now, they have all moved on to bigger and better places.

There is a nice new Wal Mart on the West side of the field, so I stopped there and bought a few groceries.  Its 8 or 9 miles each way, so that made for a nice ride.

Biscuit was sitting by the door when I arrived back home.........Dad, where have you been???  We made 77 degrees again today.......

Retired Rod


  1. Good thing you didn't get caught in any of the presidential motorcade traffic. I used to hate it when I was on the PD and the President would come to town. My squad was assigned to an overpass,on I-270 and no on was allowed on the highway or overpass 15 minutes before or after the motorcade , you can imagine the hundreds of inconvenienced commuters and drivers. Glad no more of that. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna.

  2. and just another great day in paradise for you folks..and you get to do it again next year :)

  3. Maybe instead of that new Tritium watch you should have booked a site right out beside the Palo Verde plant. That way you would be glowing for 25 years instead of your watch.

  4. Radioactive gas in your watch? I'll bet that would get the sensors buzzin' at the airport!

    Thanks for reminding me about reservations - I'll have to do that right quick here at the Sands!


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