Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Setting camp back up!

The sun came out this morning as I saw 43 on the dash of the car, while I was going after that proverbial half gallon of milk.  We needed to make breakfast and had our supplies were several weeks old.  Remember we just packed up our clothes and left 5 weeks ago.

We did not clean out the fridge or anything, but we did close the slides and disconnect the water and sewer.  Without water pressure the biggest flood would have been limited to the half full water tank onboard.

After breakfast, we began to set up our camp again.  Opening up the trailer and setting out chairs and bicycles and the stuff that defines our camp.  Now remember we are in an 1800 space RV and Park Model park.  We have about 35 feet of width by perhaps 55 feet of depth on our site.

All went well until I tried to set up our easy up style of 10 by 10 dining canopy.  There wasn't enough room between the motorhome and the utility trailer.  I did have room if the trailer was moved.  That required stuff on the ground to be piled on the concrete patio, and then the trailer hooked up to the car.

Now I am still post surgical, so moving fast or lifting things is out of the question.  I was putzing around and not making much headway, when our neighbor from the park model across the street came over.  We just met Bob for the first time this fall, but he treats us as though he has known us for years......

He helped me connect the trailer, and guided me to get it moved over about three feet but not far enough to be on the neighbor's lot, and so on.  We did get the canopy up, but I had to sit down for an extended rest period.  He sat under the canopy with me and talked for the longest time.

Eventually we had the stakes in the ground to hold the canvas roof from flying away, and I put out the rope lights up under the fabric.  It really seems quite bright out there after dark.  I never did get the bar be cue out as I had planned, as some late night Wendy's intervened, and another trip to Wal Mart for some quick supplies.

Loyce was organizing the inside of the motorhome all day and surfing the web with her I Pad.  That has become her new past time.  She enjoys her new toy immensely, and that is good.....

Tomorrow will be another day, but it will be hard to beat today, as we had 68 mid afternoon.  I know it is to be really cold back in Kansas tonight,  so we are here in the nick of time!!

Retired Rod


  1. Don't overdue, when you had to sit down that was your body saying enough for today, Glad Wendy's came to the rescue, Did I ever tell you I met Dave Thomas years ago at a Wendy's in his home town, he was a really neat guy. It was in his home town of Columbus Ohio, and he told me he would show up at different Wnedy's just to keep them on their toes, Hands on Management from the Pres. of the company. He loved my Harley, and cops.Hey be safe out their, your Friends, Sam & Donna...

  2. Slow & easy wins the day, and Wendy's makes it all enjoyable at the end of the day:))

  3. I heard Des Moines really got hammered yesterday.

  4. Always nice to have good friends and neighbors who care. Now that your almost all set up relax and enjoy that BBQ and you will be back out on the scooter before you know it.

  5. Today is going to be even better. I am always amazed at how rapidly some people settle into a site. It takes me forever to dig everything out. But in our case the bbq comes out first.

  6. Just great to hear you and Loyce are just about all setup back in AZ and are getting some warm weather to boot.

    Nice of your neighbour to come over and help too.


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