Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Updating windows.......... and driving South out of Mesa.

I have been staring at the message to update windows for the last couple of weeks.  It wasn't there when we left home, but showed up right when we got out here to Arizona.  Of course the download would have been much faster and unlimited at home...........

So as we near the end of our verizon monthly billing cycle, and we had the remaining band width, I decided to go ahead today.  Its a service pack for windows 7, and downloaded compressed at about 300 megs.

It took foreeeeeever, and the machine needed to be rebooted about a dozen times.  And once it was installed, then there were corrections to the service pack that needed downloaded and reinstalled...  That required me to reboot twice more.

This whole thing then caused some of the applications to need to be updated, as they began to scream and hollar.  It was mid afternoon before I quit with the computer.  Picasa was also updated, and moved to 3.9.  I didn't even know there was a 3.9, I though we were current with 3.8......

Then google + wanted its turn and downloaded a bunch of drivers and stuff that I hadn't done before.

I'm not sure that I am done, because I keep getting balloon messages as I cursor over the task bar.  Update me!!!  And Me!!!

We finally tired and went out for a drive down South of the RV park into the San Tan Valley and then the Florence, Az area.  We drove the old downtown, and got caught in traffic just as the Pinal County workers were getting out of work for the day.

We drove back the Hunt Highway into Queen Creek where we stopped for our daily Wal Mart fix.  Didn't take me too long, but Loyce enjoys her time in the store so we were there for quite a while.

We were quite cold here last night down to 40 or so for a long period of time.  We only had the electric heaters going, and woke up to icicles on our noses as the sun came up.  But thank goodness for the propane that we purchased, as we fired off the heater in the back bedroom and warmed things right up.

As morning progressed the sun finally warmed the rest of the rig.  We are painted very dark, and that absorbs the heat nicely, winter and summer........  We have another couple of days with cooler night time temps before we get back into the warming trend.  Well it is January!!

Retired Rod


  1. Haven't been prompted for an update on Donna's laptop which is Windows 7 wonder when they will get around to me, sounds like a lot of work though, keep us posted. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna..

  2. We have been very fortunate to have warm temps here in Southern La. I have enjoyed setting outside and soaking up the suns rays. I will have to say that come evening the mosquitoes come out in force and drive us indoors! Oh well you can't have it all.

    Joe and Sherri

  3. updates drive me nuts..there are usually updates for anything and everything with my pc laptop..if your on slow wifi it sure can be frustrating -then theres updates for the updates..ughh I finally fixed that problem...
    gave the pc laptop to Rick and got a macbook pro...love it

  4. Those updates aren't the greatest when you're on wifi that's for sure. It's always a good idea to keep them up to date though.

    Hope the warmer weather gets there fast for you.


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