Thursday, January 19, 2012

Park Models, Bread machines, and using up the LP.

We are just recovering from our whirlwind trip out here from Kansas.  Not signing up or volunteering for anything in particular.  But rather basking in the sunshine and high temps of 68 again today.

Loyce was out walking the dog, and noticed a park model that was on an open house, so she stopped and went thru.  She thought I should go look as well, so I walked back down the block for a quarter of a mile and went thru as well.

The unit is 20 plus years old, but has had lots of improvements.  But they want way too much money in my estimation, so we had a long discussion on what the price should be for that unit.  It was nicely remodeled, but I am afraid that if I tried to sell it next year, I couldn't get the price back.

That is sort of a lesson in investing a lot of remodel and repairs into an older unit.  But perhaps it will sell, we shall see.....

I also set out to find a bread machine to use here in Mesa using the internet, and the phone.  I was not successful.  Most stores do not carry them.  Or they carry the very cheapest models.  Some of the posh stores carry the most expensive models, but we just can't justify a $300 machine.

So I finally gave up and ordered a Breadman from Wal Mart, using their site to store ordering procedure.  You  go on line and order the product but rather than shipping it to yourself, you have it sent to your local store.  Then they call you and you go pick it up.  I have never tried that before, so we will learn something new.

And last, we tried to cook some dinner tonight and found that our LP tank is completely dry!  BONE dry!  We didn't find anything that looked to be a leak, but tried to decide what we had done wrong.  That's when we discovered that the heater was not in the off position.  It was set at heat and a thermostat setting of 66 degrees.

So it looks as though we had 5 weeks of the coldest part of winter where we were heating the closed up motorhome with the LP heaters.  They must have worked to perfection, because they sucked the life out of the on board storage tank....  Dumb!  Just the flick of a small switch on the thermostat would have prevented this.  I guess it is only money, but it could have burned the rig up with us not here.....

Usually we shut off the 12 Volt disconnect switch at the door, which would power down all the appliances, but since we left the fridge going on 110v ac, the low voltage had to run as well.  So by leaving on the 12 volt stuff, that meant the heater thermostats were also live.  Oh well, what are you going to do?

We are well aware that it is quite cold back in the mid West, and that we bolted out in the nick of time, so if you are freezing tonight, we are sympathetic.

Retired Rod


  1. Your propane issue reminds me of a story once told to me by the fellow where we used to store our motorhome.
    Seems a brand new DP went up in flames as a result of the new owners having left the propane on after they stored it, and somehow there was an issue and up it went. Unfortunately it was to the point that the fire department couldn't even get close enough to get the temperature down. Several other rigs were damaged, but no one was injured.
    Just makes you stop and think some times.
    Well, it certainly made ME stop and think, each and every time I put the motorhome back in storage.

  2. I have used the Walmart Ship to Store process before. It is really easy, and definitely beats paying for shipping.

  3. We have had good luck even during the Christmas rush buying a TV through Walmart's Site to Store, delivered on time in good condition.

  4. Hope Walmart comes through for you with that delivery.

    Hopefully, you won't need propane for heating until the propane truck comes around to fill up your tanks.


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