Friday, January 20, 2012

Into the RV Park Routine.....

Suddenly we are back into the routine of the RV park.  Thursday is the park's swap meet in the main dance hall.  Not only is it in the hall, but it is in the parking lot outside the building, and in the atrium surrounding the swimming pools.  Vendor after vendor.

We didn't get around too quickly, but finally went up a few minutes before 11 AM.  There was no place to park!  We drove around the building in the parking lots and out in the streets for the first block around the main building.  Not a spot to be had.  So we just milled about until someone came out and left.  Trouble was that there were a number of us seeking the single open spot.

We finally found a spot that we got to first....  Then some lady behind us was so unhappy that we were taking the spot that she wanted,  she jumped on her horn and didn't let up.....People!!

We spent a couple of hours walking, but didn't buy much.  I ended up with a small bottle of vanilla, and small support to go under the steps of the motorhome.  It has a screw post that extends as you turn the top of the support.  You place it between the ground and the bottom of the underside of the steps. This takes the pressure off of the step's support arms.  Price $13.

Loyce bought several items, but one was a sequined sun visor.  She said it was $2.  Flashy!

We did go off to the Jo Ann's fabric store later in the afternoon, and then to the Apache Junction RV Parts store in downtown Apache Junction.  There we purchased an extend a stay valve to install in the RV's LP tank hose.  These things are made of brass and are $50.  Ouch!

Back at the rig, I installed the valve body between the tank and the regulator.  These are kind of neat, as they have two ports that allow you to add a hose to connect your grill to the big tank of your rig.  And the second allows for a hose to connect a smaller tank to the rig as an extend a stay tank.

An extend a stay tank is the same as the LP tanks used RV trailers They can be filled at the local LP bottle filling station.  That way you don't have to break camp and drive the entire motorhome to the LP station.

Since our LP tank is officially bone dry right now, it was easy to add this valve.  But it could be added at any time, just by turning off the main supply valve. But  I knew there wasn't any way to make a mistake with the tank being empty, so today was the day.

Oh and on that note, the LP delivery truck only comes on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, so we were out of luck for Thursday.  We run almost everything on electricity here in the park, but what is slowing us down somewhat is the lack of the cooking stove.

Tonight we made supper in our rice and veggie steamer.  One white potato and one sweet potato.  Half a bag of broccoli florets, and some chicken breast pieces on the second layer.  It all steamed in about a half of an hour.  Didn't come out too bad......

But still, we hope to get our LP tank filled tomorrow just the same.  They said somewhere between the hours of 7 and 10 AM.  And you have to be there, because they won't fill it without a check or a credit card!!!   Cash on the barrel head!!

Retired Rod


  1. You really mean cash on the Propane Bottle.

    Now that you have installed your Extend a Stay you should inquire with the local Propane supplier on the cost of renting a 100lb. Propane tank. Now at this point in the season it might be a bit late to do this year. If you continue going to the same park every year and you ordered it for the start of your stay, it could be a money saver. The company would probably deliver at the start of your stay and pick it before you leave.

    It's about time.

  2. Good idea on the extend a stay valve, Rod.
    I really laughed when you said "But, I knew there wasn't any way to make a mistake with the tank being empty...". I could almost hear Mr. Murphy revving up his engines and heading for Mesa full speed!


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