Friday, January 27, 2012

A hat and another Quilt Show

OK, first of all, I must explain that I have the automatic update feature of Windows 7 turned off, and only allow updates when I want them.  Most windows systems are set to automatic updates, and happen behind the scenes when users never even know it is happening.

This is also true of Apple machines and to some extent the Linux OS that I use at home.  So, for you Apple owners that tout that you never ever even have to update your OS, that is because Apple controls your machine and updates it for you.  And that may be just fine, if you do not want this responsibility.

But please be advised that Windows will do all of this for you too, unless you take over and want to do it for yourself, like I do.

Now why do I do this?  Because we are on a measured line with the Verizon Aircard, and may be just about to go over our limits during a month that a biiiiiiiiig update is scheduled to be executed.  So I control these updates when I have the excess band width at the end of a monthly cycle.  Or do them at home, where we have no measured limit on band width.

And no I did not start the day out by updating windows 7...................LOL

It was country store day again here in the park, and I had decided that I was going to go buy that suede leather hat that I didn't purchase last week.  Since we didn't go to Quartzsite, I am allocating that gas money toward the new hat.

So I got cleaned up and went up on the motorscooter.  But........... I couldn't find the hat vendor!!!  What?  But I noticed another vendor with the right hat on, and asked him where the hat guy went.  OH,  you mean my brother?  He thought sales were poor here last week so he is over at View Point RV today at their store.

We talked for a while, and I told him to tell his brother that he was missing sales today here at Valle Del Oro.  Of course the vendor here pointed out that it was only about three miles over there, and why not just go get one?

And since I was on the scooter anyway, that was what I did.  View Point is about 2 miles North of here on Ellsworth Rd and about a half mile back to the West on University Drive.  Even in traffic I think it was only about 10 minutes up there.  But parking once I was in the park was entirely another matter!

I drove around and around looking for that illusive spot to open up.  Even the corners and half spots were full of golf carts, but finally I lucked into a spot as the car in it was leaving.  I marched right into the ballroom.  Man these parks are all just alike.  The main building is a little older and looks more like Mesa Spirit than VDO but still you almost have to have a sign to know which one your in.

My hat man was right in the middle of the room, and as I walked up, and he remembered me from last week.  He said "Steve called and said he sent you over!"  And in just a few minutes with a charged amount on my Visa card, I owned a new hat.

But I'm not too sure that his business was any better over there than it was here at VDO.....

When I got home, Loyce was all ready to go to the Phoenix Quilt Show at the Arizona Fair Grounds.  But I had left a note before I went so she was waiting calmly......  The fairgrounds are back over in downtown Phoenix where I 10 and I 17 merge.  17 heads North towards Flagstaff from that corner.  We were there by noon.

Now I had to become scarce again for a couple of hours, and the fairgrounds charges $7 to just sit in the car.  It costs $10 to get in the door, and since I didn't care to stay or go in anyway, that was extra money to apply to the new hat.

But.... North of that corner is a Ham Radio store, and every year I go up there and look at new radios.  So off I headed.  Biscuit was still in the car, so she rode along too.  I am happy to report that I didn't buy any new radios...........and really wasn't tempted by any either...

Then, of course, it was back thru a Wendy's and Biscuit had her doggy kibble and before you know it, time was up to go back and get Loyce.  She had another big bag of goodies when we met.  I didn't even ask what was in the bag..........

We sat outside under the dining canopy when we returned and absorbed the 73 degree day.........Ahhhh!

Retired Rod


  1. Looks like a fine hat, hope you have room to store it, that is my only problem with western and brim style hats, I like to keep them in a hat box, and there is no room for boxes in the fiver.Have to get a rack that will hole three in a corner out of the way. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna..

  2. Nice hat Rod!

    I have my Mac set on manual update and I have to tell you I rarely get any requests to update. I just checked and there is an update for a voiceover for the ipod which I don't have and a Safari update. It's been months since I've seen an update request. Nothing at all like those required for PCs. I also have a PC on my Mac and every time I go in there are update requests galore. Just sayin'.

  3. Love the hat, especially the vent. And isn't our weather just heavenly. I am so lovin' it.

  4. Like your new hat. I've got to start looking at the budget thing more like you do, direct those dollars in different directions and pretty soon you have what you want without spending more.

  5. So, now you're "all hat and no cattle"? Maybe you should see if JB might want to part with a horse?

    Glad you sorted out those Apple Mac 'fanboys' about Windows Automatic Update feature too.

    I agree, when Paulette comes out of a Quilt show it's best not to ask what's in the bags!

  6. love love the hat..that could be because I'm a hat collector..I have a nice spacious overhead in the bedroom designated to all my hats..:) I have a mac and like sandra its also on manual update and very rarely get update requests like I did with my pc..:)


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