Saturday, January 14, 2012

Going for a burger and other musings.

The sun came out this morning and improved moral around here  quite a bit!  We were scheduled to go out to lunch with my oldest son and his family, except his daughter that is in school.

Right on time, they arrived here ready to take us to a small Burger Bar over in a small town in Missouri!  We all had burgers and fries, and a bunch of extra stuff and enjoyed our selves in conversation.  The restaurant wasn't too busy, but we hope they will do more business because of the contest that they are part of.

The contest is for folks to come and get a free burger for every one that they order, and then go online and vote for the best burger place that they go to out of the 9 or ten in the contest.  I know this was a fairly good burger for sure, but will not be here to go to all the others and make a good vote.

Well, perhaps I will just vote for the one I went to and let the other folks vote as they see fit.

We spent the rest of the day trying to decide what we need to get organized to take back to Arizona.  I am certain that the day's high temp of 32 degrees has warned us that winter is here for real and that we need to get on back out West, least we get to enjoy the whole thang for ourselves......   Twang intended.

The heater in the house here seems to run every ten seconds, but at least the wind has become more bearable and we are likely to be above freezing in the morning, or perhaps sometime in the next couple of days....

I didn't look at the long term weather, because that would mean that I was planning on being here long term!   Which I am not.....

Retired Rod


  1. Don't blame ya Rod, I'd be thinking of heading out too.Were hoping for a trip to Fla in March. Be safe out there, Sam & Donna...

  2. No way could I get to enjoy 32 degrees. I'm not happy with the 60's especially if it's cloudy. I'm such a wuss. The end of next week is supposed to be in low 70's. So come on back.

  3. Like I am enjoying getting reacquainted with winter. The weather has been pretty good here, what with the day time highs above freezing and the lows not to low. That said the forecast is for the bottom to drop out tomorrow so I am scanning flights back to Dogpound South. Meet you in the desert.


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