Saturday, January 28, 2012

Cooler and out on the scoot!

OK, I know I can never convince any Apple owner that a PC is even close to the beloved Apple.  So that is a fight that I don't choose to pick.  My wife likes her Ipad too, but I can't begin to figure out what key strokes will do what I want next.  I just sit and look at doesn't even have a back button or a mouse.  The big button on one end returns you to the main screen cancelling all programs that are running.  I am lost!!!

So if macs never need updates ever, ever, ever, so be it.  But I am not sure how anything can be up with the latest developments if it is never updated.  This big update on W7 is service pak number 1 and W7 has been out for three years now, so perhaps windows has saved up for years with new stuff to put on all at once.

Remember I usually run Linux and do not support Windows much either, because they also take over your machine and do things for you from their home office.  But this laptop has windows, and I didn't want to just toss out something I paid for.
Thanks for all the nice comments about the new hat.  It is made by the Head n Home company in Monterey Bay, California.  It is not considered, a cowboy model, but rather reminds me of the boonie hat we wore as part of the military uniform over in Viet Nam.  

The hat company claims that it is a Monterey Bay, California hat with the addition of western scallops around the vent mesh.  But where does cowboy stop and western begin.    They do make a line of what they refer to as cowboy and that has a rounded top with a crease in the middle where this hat is flat on top and doesn't have any crease.  I made the name clickable above if you are curious to look at their other styles.

Our day here was supposed to be sunny and nicely warm, but mid morning a deck of clouds came rolling in, and the warm up slowed.  We finally made 70 but it took much longer.  I stalled around wondering if it would rain, but didn't see anything on the radar.

So finally I went out on the scooter, riding up to the center of Apache Junction.  The main street is crossed with nasty expansion joints, that made my surgery cry.  I stopped at Harbor Freight.  Needed some small needle nose pliers.  Of course they had an assortment for cheap...

Next it was Wal Mart in the older part of downtown.  This Wal Mart has a really big host of characters that frequent it as clientele.  I thought about Al, and his camera taking pictures of folks that are unusual, but just can't bring myself to do that.  I had quite a bunch of stuff under the seat when I returned home.

For the rest of the day, we just hung around here at the motorhome.  Our computers kept us busy, until the afternoon required a nap.  We never did start the car....  

It was after dark before the sky cleared of the clouds, but we are sill in the mid 50s long after all our neighbors went off to bed.  Of course I am a night owl............

Retired Rod


  1. We get updates for our Mac operating systems, but only need them periodically, not every few days as I remember from Windows. It really doesn't matter - it's natural that some prefer one thing while others prefer a different thing. As long as we are both happy with what we have, (but of course, nothing is ever perfect).

    You really sound a lot better lately as if you are well on the road to recovery. I'm so glad for you, as you have certainly been through a lot of pain and anguish. Hang in there.

  2. Its personal preference between PC and mac..I fought the mac battle over and over..didn't want one..loved my pc (till it froze up over and over)...once I got onto the mac I loved it...but you couldn't give me one a couple of yrs ago...sounds like your doing good Rod...hope it continues :) take care

  3. On the iPad, when you push the center button, it only takes you to the home screen. Any programs you've been in are still running (and using battery power). They'll return to the same place you left them when you open them again. In order to shut down a program (application) you press the center button twice. The open apps will appear at the bottom. You then press one until all are "shaking", and you can then shut down any and all of them. (It's recommended you shut down all of them if you want to preserve battery power.) Then you press the center button to stop the shaking and return to the home screen. As for updates on the Mac, you get them any and all times they're available - you're asked if you want to install one or wait.

    It's nice to be reading that you're doing better every day.


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