Monday, January 23, 2012

Relaxing on Sunday

It started out sunny and kind of warm for a morning here in the desert.  I was motivated to go out and open up the trailer.  That motor scooter was calling my name.  At least get it out of the trailer and get it started.

That took a while since the trailer has been loaded with all kinds of stuff (junk) that seems to overflow from the house.  Eventually I was down to the bike and its tie down straps.  It started like it was just yesterday that it was stored.  December 9th was about 6 weeks ago, so you have to like the fuel injection system.

Ever so carefully I pulled it from its wheel chock. This is done by rocking the bike forward and back until it overcenters the chock behind the front wheel.  This is what I was worried about causing me pain and trouble, but other than some instant trouble there was no lasting effect.!  It has been about 5 weeks now.

I did just park the bike on the concrete and go inside and rest, or get involved with football.  And its official as a super bowl now since there is a Manning playing in it!  Ya, right......  Missing the field goal at the end of the first game was a bit exciting though.

As the afternoon progressed, our weather deteriorated.  First the clouds came and then the damper air.  Then much cooler.  Not cold, mind you but back down to 60 at sun down.  So as the sun was setting, I went out and did ride once around the perimeter of the RV park.  About 2 miles.

I parked the bike under the dining canopy, and put its cover over it.  We are to have a cool snap, with the actual rain and cold coming on Tuesday night with a low of about freezing.  Perhaps that will be the cold point that turns the corner into spring.   And perhaps more scooter riding as I get stronger...........

Retired Rod

Oh, to answer Penny's question, Biscuit weighs about 13 pounds now that she is a year and a half old.  She is mostly skinny with a lot of hair.


  1. Good to hear your feeling more and more up to riding the scooter. Hope that cold snap is short lived.

  2. That's a good sign Rod getting the bike ready without pain, Sadie has only gained a pound in the last year went from 7 to 8lbs. She wouldn't even make a meal for Rigg's who weighed in at 107at his last Vets appointment. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna..

  3. Hi Rod, Thanks for answering my question about Biscuit's weight.
    She is a cutey!

    It is so great to hear that you moved the scooter out of it's 'garage' without hurting yourself.
    Six weeks seems to be the time when surgery suddenly feels better, so I hope you are back to normal next week.
    Happy Tails, and Trails, Penny, TX


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