Thursday, January 26, 2012

More W7 updates and Shopping with Loyce

I started in doing updates on windows 7 again this morning.  I spent about an hour or more with varying success.  Adobe PDF file reader was causing me some trouble and no longer would update itself.  I had a version 9 something.

I used the revo uninstaller and completely removed it from the computer.  Then when the machine was completely clear of PDF readers, I went back to the internet and installed what I thought was the latest Adobe reader.............Not......some off brand thing was substituted.  So Revo again to remove the impostor.  Now read that selection a little more carefully before down loading the actual Adobe reader, which turned out to be a version 10.  And it seemed to live under the W7 service pak 1 environment much better.

I went after the official updates from Microsoft for a while loading groups of programs three different times.  But finally Loyce wanted to go over into West Mesa at Dobson Road to the Jo Ann's fabric store there.  Something she was looking for was only at that store.

But as I dropped her off, I told her that I was going to the Bass Pro shop up in the North end of the shopping complex.  And I would be back after while........ I walked the entire store but didn't see anything that I really wanted, well other than several new guns and fishing rods......  But those things get really expensive so I came back to Loyce's store.

She wasn't even close to being ready, as it takes her over an hour every time she goes in.  The stores are like Wal Marts as they all have the same things, but things on sale seem to vary.  Loyce should go to work for this company because she is so familiar with their business.

Once she was done, I surprised her by taking her back over to the Bass Pro telling her that I needed to check on one more thing.  But parking in front of the Islamorada Fish Company.  She still was in the dark, as we entered the store, and it turned out to be a side entrance to the restaurant.

She ordered the big burger and their fresh made potato chips, but I had fish and chips, which was cod and french fries with a side of ranch dressing for dipping.  Came with some slaw as well.  It had the same options on the chips that the burger did but opted for the regular french fries.  Ya, I know I'm boring.

We messed around in the store for some more time after we ate, and eventually came back home.  Since I saw 70 degrees on the car thermometer, I decided that it was time to go ride the scooter for a while outside of the park and at regular speeds.

I was gone for over an hour and was up to 50 mph at one time, but mostly it seems like you sit at the lights waiting for the traffic to go again.  At one point I found a really bumpy part of Meridian Rd South of the old downtown Wal Mart here in Apache Jct.  It shook my insides and the new surgery wasn't liking that very much, so I had to get off of that road.

Anyway I came back home, and I am not seriously pained tonight after the experience.  So with some judgement, short trips to go get things and eat at Wendy's are back on the menu with the scooter.....

I'm sure as the days press on, I will be able to ride longer and stand the bumpy roads better, but for now I am just satisfied getting to go out at all.

Retired Rod

And I just moved the cursor over the update Icon on the task bar, where it stressed upon me that I need to get two more W7 updates......  Will it ever end???????


  1. butterbean carpenterJanuary 26, 2012 at 1:13 AM

    Howdy Rod,
    Man, you're agonna bust something loose again!! If the road looks ruff it probably is and at older ages we take longer to heal.. Do read the BY Chance blog? He's X-CHP and owned a HOG shop, after retiring. He lives in Lake Havasau and has been in Q this week.. You ought to get to get together, when you feel stronger..
    You could always talk bikes..
    Hope you heal up so you can enjoy the rest of the 'winter'...

  2. Good to see you are mobile again on the scooter. Just be careful out there. Sam & Donna..

  3. No, the updates never end. I got this laptop for Christmas and left auto updates enabled, I swear the stupid thing installed updates at least twice a day. Shut that business off--now I update when I feel like it.

  4. I know all about those stores. Sherri loves to go in a store and touch every item in there...wont buy a thing but must touch it all???

    Joe and Sherri

  5. One of the nicest things about the Mac is not having to constantly deal with the updates. I remember once going out of town for a couple of week and coming back to 23 updates waiting. That was just for Windows, plus all the programs you use seem to require more updates when Windows is your operating system.

  6. You like Bass Pro shops but you really ought to try Sportsman's Warehouse at 19205 N. 27th Avenue (Phx). They have reasonable prices and lots of goodies you can drool over. I have to limit myself there.

    Keep the healing going!



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