Sunday, January 8, 2012

Wal Mart and the rest of Tom Sawyer

Back to the West Wal Mart here in Olathe for another oil change.  Man its amazing how fast these miles pile up when you are zipping all over the country.  I know I was just blogging about getting the oil changed this fall in a whole bunch of vehicles.

But we had over 4,000 miles since then on the CRV.  Of course 2,500 of that is the trip down and back from Mesa, Arizona.  And while we did come back about 5 days sooner than we had planned and will stay here about 3 weeks longer before we go back, the mileage will remain the same.

Wal Mart puts a sticker in your windshield that adds 3,000 miles to your current odometer reading and gives you three months, then requiring the oil to be changed again.  But most vehicle owners manuals now days will allow 5,000 miles and 6 months.  Again Wal Mart is just marketing their services.  However, Loyce sees the sticker and starts in poking at me that it needs, needs, to be done right now.  Wal Mart knows that it works!!!

I had used synthetic oil last time to boot, which may even increase the mileage to up to 10,000, but since we will be traveling another 1,300 in a week or so, I decided to start over on a new change.  I was there at about 11:30 which must be before other patrons think about their oil, because I was first in line.

I asked about the 3k interval with synthetic oil and the fellow readily admitted that the sticker would be completely wrong, but that was what corporate had set the software that prints the stickers, to print.  He said that 5K would be no problem but didn't think 10K was recommended.  We had 4,200 so what the heck change it out!

Synthetic is expensive even at Wal Mart, as the service was $59 for the good Valvoline Syn stuff.  But, he hand wrote the sticker allowing 5K miles and didn't specify a date.   That should help Loyce in feeling her car isn't over due for service.

All while this was happening, she was out with the 4 oldest grand kids in the other car.  Having a lunch at a fast food, with a play place.  And then to the theater for the latest Chipmunk movie.  I give praise to the lord for not making me go along on that one..............

Biscuit and I spent a quiet afternoon reading the rest of the Tom Sawyer book from so long ago.  The English from 1875 is so different from today, that you have to pause and determine what each paragraph actually is trying to relate.

I remember when I was about 10 years old, my father and I read the book together, with him reading and explaining what was happening as I mostly listened.  There are many references to African Americans, that would have only been free from slavery for about 12 years at that time.  The N word is used throughout the text.  I couldn't help but wonder how I would go about reading this to my 9 year old grand son today.  Things have really changed in 135 years.

Retired Rod


  1. You would choose Tom Sawyer over The Chipmunks? What kind of modern retiree are you, Rod? Actually, I think I would do the same thing, if I had the choice! You might check out some of the oil change recommendations on the web, using Google. That should keep you busy for awhile!!

  2. I just think its cool you are reading Tom Sawyer, I may have to download that book to my Kindle, I sure enjoyed reading it as a teenager. Glad you are feeling better.

  3. Articles appear now and then that suggest you are wasting your money having the oil changed sooner than 7000 miles. I believe that is probably true, depending on the conditions under which you are driving.

  4. That's a good question - how would I or even would I read Tom Sawyer to my grandchild (if I had one yet). I'm not sure what I'd do. I don't even really remember them using the N word so much. I remember the fence whitewashing more than anything. Not going to be real warm here this next week. Low to mid 60's is all. Hopefully it'll improve before you get back.


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