Sunday, January 22, 2012

A day trip.........

As we were sitting eating breakfast, Loyce and I tried to decide what we needed to do today.   In the process the subject of the Tucson Quilt show came up.  Its this weekend, and she has gone to this show for the last three years in a row.  First on a bus with some of the ladies from Mesa Spirit RV Resort, and the last two years driving down ourselves.

Some discussion proved that she really would like to go again this year, but was holding back due to my issues riding in the car and pain and so forth.  Since I managed to ride all the way out here to Arizona, I wasn't about to disappoint her.

So in an hour or so we were on the road headed to Tucson.  That's almost two hours from out here in East Mesa.  We drove the interstate all the way, and arrived about 1:30.  I dropped her at the door of the convention center, and had the job of making myself scarce for a couple of hours.

So I headed on out to the closest...............  well where do you think I would go?    Wendy's of course!!!

We got the small burger combo, and Biscuit got some dog kibble.  She doesn't get french fries, that's my hard fast rule.  She got some treats and water once she ate her food.  But no people food.  I went back into the restaurant for a refill on diet coke and to use the bathroom.  Then I had to take Biscuit to the vacant lot next door.  That took a while, before we were back to the car.

Next we drove around the downtown area where we found an outdoor activity going on in a community area.  I wanted to get close enough to determine what was happening, but that just wasn't going to happen.  Every time I got within a block or so, the streets were blocked off and I was hustled along in the opposite direction.

Perhaps it just wasn't my day, but by then it was time to drive back to the convention center and pick up Loyce.  She had her sacks of loot, and we had connected with our cell phones  that she was done.

Of course she hadn't had any lunch, so that came first.  It was right about dark when we got home, but at least Loyce enjoyed her day, because she spent the entire time on the way home telling me about all the things she had seen.  Now she has been there four years in a row!

Retired Rod


  1. You are such a good husband! And I'm envious of Loyce!

  2. What a trooper! I'm sure glad to see I'm not the only husband who adheres to the rule that 'quilting above all else rules the roost'.

  3. quilting above all else rules the roost...woohoo for are a very good husband travel so far for Loyce to enjoy her day when I'm sure you'd rather be home resting..have a good week...


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