Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Furnace periodic maintenance.

It seems like yesterday now, but this morning we had the local furnace folks came to our house to do the fall heating season maintenance.  Since it is mostly well beyond fall, I must first explain that we couldn't seem to get them before we left for Arizona back in October and November.  They were scheduled up!

In the month of September we should have made the appointment, but failed to do so with the surgery and all we had going on.  So Loyce made the schedule for today while I was still recovering from this latest surgery.

I have to admit, that I was less than enthusiastic to see these folks today because things aren't broken and messing with them may well just cause trouble.  They were to be here between 8 and noon.  And again, that proves that their time is way more valuable and mine is worth nothing, because I can just sit here and wait for them.  But heck that's all I'm doing anyway is sitting here and waiting.

They took the entire heater apart checking all the electrical components and pressures.  I had cleaned out the air filter, but they also replaced the humidifier pad and cleaned out that box.  They spent about an hour and a half messing with everything.  They didn't find anything to replace that cost extra money, and since we paid for the service last summer their was no charge today.

I guess that is peace of mind that we can leave the house and keep the heat on  while we are gone.  So that's OK.  My problem with this system is that we have had way more repairs in the 6 years that we have lived here, than any other heat and AC plant I have ever owned.  Every time they come, it seems to be another $500.  So I am a little gun shy.........

I also went over to the lumber yard again this afternoon and purchased a small container of dry wall compound to repair a few places on the walls down in the family room in the basement.  I did get to walk around in the big store for a while which is a first since I have been home again from this surgery.

That still causes pain, so I am ever so slowly regaining my strength, but of course not fast enough for my peace of mind!!.....

Retired Rod


  1. Eek! That's a lot to spend on "maintenance" in that short a time period. I guess I need to consider ourselves lucky. Our "new" boiler (we have hydronic heat back home) has been in since 1994, and I've only had two repairs. One was $900 (and just about cr*pped my pants), for a new "automatic vent damper", which decided to crap out about a year after the warranty expired, and a second repair that was $250 for a new "thermocouple". It's actually called something slightly different, but I don't recall. That one was because I couldn't get the part to do it myself and had to call someone. grrr. The young lad had a flat rate manual, and $250 was the CHEAPEST call out that he could find. Couldn't charge me for diagnostic though, since I told him what I needed.
    Since then I have a few spare parts hanging about, just in case.
    Servicing home heating systems is a gold mine!
    You watch, now that I've said something, I'll get a call from home that the house is cold!

  2. Service calls are so pricy..but what choice do we have and the vendors know that :(....glad to see you are regaining your strength...one day at a time Rod...hope you don't get a call bob :)....

  3. Furnaces always seem to go out on the coldest day of the year. Happened couple years ago we have an electric furnace and it has a sequencer that puts power to the heating coils one or two at a time, there are eight, so you don't get 200amps of current into the furnace at once. The day it quit was below zero and yes it proved to be the coldest day of the year, we had a roaring wood fire going just to keep the house from freezing pipes. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna..

  4. Sounds as if you are itching to get back south, me too. The weather is good here at Dogpound North but better at the south ranch. Stopped in at the new "Five Guys" burger place here yesterday. Not a bad burger but the fries were quite unremarkable. See you at Fuddruckers.

  5. I know your peace of mind doesn't match up with your body's willingness to improve, but hang in there. You are getting stronger and that is what counts right now. And it's always something - either with the RV or with the house. All of them are money pits.


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