Saturday, January 21, 2012

Biscuit gets a new do, and the Propane man

These days begin to blur, as we have completely shifted to living here in the desert!  I'm still quite fragile, so heading on out and doing all the tourist stuff is on our back burner.  The motor cycle is still parked inside the trailer, which keeps me down and in check as I am not heading on out by myself but rather tagging along on Loyce's errands.

And so that defined our day today, starting with finding the propane guy. 7 AM became 8 and then 9, before I gave up and went out with the car to find if he was even in the Valle Del Oro park.  We have street after street here and they are not straight.  So I had to drive a long time before I finally found him.  Of course had I started with the South side rather than the North.............

Well, since we are right inside the gate, he was saving us for LAST.  Sure glad I didn't sit outside at 7 AM waiting...  It was after 10 AM when he arrived and drug out the big long hose to the back of the rig.  We were completely empty and our tank is 30 gallons.  You are supposed to put in 80 percent so that would be 24 gallons.

The driver ran in 24 and a half gallons before shutting it down.  Some folks routinely run in 90 percent in these tanks so an extra half gallon is nothing.  The price was 3.76 which was $91 but then there is the almost 10 percent sales tax here in the Phoenix area, so that made the bill $100.  Wow.....

Now we have propane!!!!  Yea, we can cook something on the stove now, and run the heat in the morning when its so cool outside.  We aren't leaving any time soon, so propane to run the fridge won't be required but I'm glad we have that option again.

On to the big deal of the day, Biscuit needs a haircut. And she had a noon appointment, so we took her almost immediately after the propane guy was gone.  The shop was called Paws and Claws and Biscuit went there last January as well.

And yes I took her picture tonight when we got home, but she looked at me like it was my fault that she had to go thru such an experience.

She had really grown a lot of fur while we were in coooold Kansas City, so now she looks more like the dog we remember from last summer.  She seems to be able to look right into my soul with those big brown eyes.  I can't help but wonder what questions she is asking me......

She has done nothing but sleep since she came back home about 4:30.  Must have been a really tiring day for her.  There were dogs all over the shop waiting their turn.  Maybe its a good thing that she can't tell me how bad the experience was.

Otherwise, we just shopped at the local produce grocery store here in Apache Junction.  Its called the Superstition Ranch Market up on main street.  Produce is all this little market handles.  Local fruit as well, and the prices are well below Wal Mart or any of the local grocery stores.  People haul basket after basket to their cars.  Much of it comes in directly from growers in Mexico where the season is many weeks ahead of us here.  I should have had the camera with me because the colors of the shelves are gorgeous.

I'm not sure what else we did today, but cooking supper tonight with the burners on the stove was a big improvement over the steamer!!!

Retired Rod

And just because of what Rick suggested in his comment about Murphy and inviting things to  go wrong, I had the LP guy leak test the fittings that I installed yesterday before he left.  It was declared to all be in tact without any leaks.  Don't want to loose $100 worth of propane, or worse yet start a fire.


  1. Biscuit does look as if you abused her--she is an adorable looking puppy dog!

  2. Glad you are able to cook some meals again.

    I Can't wait to see Biscuit and of course you guys two. Get a hold of us when you are up for company.

    Take Care

  3. Biscuit does look like shes giving you the evil-eye. It's funny how those traumatic experiences tire a puppy out.

    By tomorrow, all will be forgotten. She sure looks cute though!

  4. Biscuit is adorable.
    Thanks for the picture. I have been waiting to see one of her now that she is older.
    How much does she weigh now?
    Happy Tails, and Trails, Penny,TX.


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