Friday, January 13, 2012

Winter's Charm?

This morning when it became light outside, I peeked out the window on the front of the house.  And yes, everything was covered in White Frozen Glaze!  Since it had been in the teens outside for several hours, the snow was a frosty rime rather than the wet drippy stuff that seems to come in spring.

But!!  Since the ground was relatively warm the night before, a bunch of the rain had not stuck to the ground but rather had melted.  So we didn't have any depth to the snow.  Maybe an inch or so, but the tops of the long parts of the grass were still sticking out thru the snow.

The sidewalks and the driveway had frozen with ice underneath and then the snow on top, but it was like a crust.  I didn't even try to shovel it, as it would have taken an ice chopper to blast it off of the hard surface drive way.

We must have some rule about how much snow we are to receive before the snow crews come out with a plow, because we never saw one all day long.  The forecast is for it to be above freezing sometime on Saturday, so perhaps they will just wait for the sun to do its thing.

Loyce went out to do some shopping this afternoon, but I elected to sit right tight here at the house and not bounce around in the car over the snowy crust.  It was a total internet kind of a day for me.  Biscuit slept off and on at my feet.

We are bundled up here in the house tonight like it was an igloo, and expect to see temperatures in the single digits before morning.   The wind is also projected to continue in its 20 mph range like it has been for most of the day.

Yep, we stayed just a week or so toooooo long, but then the docs had everything to do with that, so we just grin and bear it!

Retired Rod


  1. Brrrr. Stay warm and get yourselves outta there as soon as you're well and able.


  2. Just a little to cold for my liking. You and Biscuit had the right idea staying warm at home. Arizona is waiting for you.

  3. Well, we are having nice temps but the wind just won't give up and it's a cold wind. This week-end is supposed to be beautiful. So listen to the docs and get on back here. Leave the wind behind would you.

  4. Same ,same on the east end Of MO. I had to go to a Doctors appointment myself, He wanted to know why we weren't in Fla. where it's warm. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna..


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